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Learn & Save

QPCR Learn and Connect

Same pricing as above PLUS:

  • Relationship building with group colleagues for a lifetime of networking
  • QPCR completion in 9 months
  • Deeper insights through ongoing engagement and activities with peers
  • Career building through active mentoring with faculty and QPCR and MCR graduates

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The Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate (QPCR) curriculum is designed to help you build a strong foundation in corporate real estate (CRE) and enhance your business and leadership skills. Become indispensable with the tools to make organizational business decisions from the CRE perspective.

  • Develop a broad perspective of the ecosystem within corporate real estate.
  • Gain a common understanding of terminology and the language of the business.
  • Get the knowledge and skills needed for business success now and into the future.
  • Grow your peer network and take this learning journey together.

Course content is targeted to individuals with less than five years of experience in CRE or for those looking to refresh their skills. 

    Choose from two pathways:

    • Learn - Explore a wide variety of self-paced and live courses to enhance your corporate real estate Knowledge and Business and Leadership skills. Take what you want when you want during the two-year subscription.
    • Learn + Connect - QPCR Group Program: Complete the certificate in a defined timeframe of nine months. Progress through a schedule of learning courses and group mentoring sessions with your peers, making connections along the way.

    Both offer personalized learning experiences, with 100% online delivery, and a variety of learning options while QPCR Group Programs also provide local and global networking with other QPCR candidates and CRE leaders in the field.

    *Whether you are pursuing Learn or Learn + Connect, you must click “Enroll Now” to get started. Once enrolled, contact learning@corenetglobal.org to get connected with a QPCR group.

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    For more information please contact Learning@corenetglobal.org.


    Individually complete a combined 70 hours of corporate real estate (CRE) Knowledge and Business and Leadership Skills content. You’ll have two years to earn your QPCR professional designation on your own.


    Join other CRE professionals as you complete 60 hours of Virtual Seminars with individual study in preselected on-demand content plus 10 hours of participation in prescheduled group Mentoring Sessions and follow-on discussions. The group programs also provide substantial networking opportunities with CRE professionals and faculty leaders to further build your professional circle.

    Learn + Connect enrollment includes priority pre-registration into select virtual seminars.

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    *Whether you are pursuing Learn or Learn + Connect, you must click “Enroll Now” to get started. Once enrolled, contact prupert@corenetglobal.org to get connected with a QPCR group.

    The QPCR Subscription package includes everything you need to earn the QPCR at one low price.

    QPCR Requirements

    • Complete a combined 70 hours of Corporate Real Estate Knowledge and Business & Leadership Skill content to earn your QPCR.
    • Some faculty-led courses may be attended live or via recording to make it easier to learn on your schedule. Plan to attend live courses as often as possible.
    • You must complete within two years of enrollment.

    Includes eLearning modules on a variety of CRE subjects and recordings of live courses available 24/7/365.

    Self-paced eLearning is preselected in the Learn + Connect Program to provide you with a well-rounded background in CRE.

    Live Virtual:

    Join other CRE professionals globally in online classrooms led by distinguished faculty for introductory coursework in CRE’s most important topics.

    Each live online seminar is three to four hours, held at prescheduled times, and is led by distinguished faculty with advanced professional and practical experiences in the field. Select faculty also serve as Mentors in Learn + Connect.


    Ongoing professional networking is important to career success. Exchange fresh ideas, help others, and share your experiences as you participate in live seminars.

    Expand your professional network by enrolling in Learn + Connect.


    Within Learn + Connect, customized virtual Mentoring Sessions with CRE leaders, QPCR/MCR graduates, and MCR faculty are included in the program schedule. Participants will be enrolled in a dedicated mentoring platform providing opportunities for ongoing conversations between group members and faculty throughout the program.

    Corporate Real Estate Knowledge Courses
    Get an essential understanding of a wide range of CRE competencies – portfolio management, finance, project management, and more. View upcoming schedule

     (4-hour live-only courses)
    Introduction to Corporate Real Estate Finance
    Introduction to Corporate Real Estate Leadership
    Introduction to Corporate Real Estate Technology
    Introduction to Enterprise Alignment
    Introduction to Portfolio Management
    Introduction to RE Impact on Financial Statements
    Introduction to Workplace Strategy
    CRE’s Role in Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures
    Design Thinking

    (90-minute - 2-hour courses)
    Business Continuity Planning 
    CRE: What's It All About 

    Facility Management 
    Internal Partnering 
    Location and Site Selection 
    Organizational Models 
    Performance Management
    Portfolio Management
    Project Management
    Property Life Cycle
    Transactions and Leasing
    Workplace Trends

    Business & Leadership Skills

    Develop the business acumen and leadership skills essential to a successful career in CRE. These courses increase your effectiveness as a CRE professional and leader. See the seminar schedule for exact course offerings.

    (90 minutes - 4.5-hour courses)
    Building Strategic Thinking Skills 
    Building Winning Relationships 
    Communicating a Winning Image 

    (4-hour courses)
    Creating a Culture of Hospitality
    Everyone Communicates, but Few Connect
    Promoting Civility in the Workplace
    Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

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