Compensation & Guidance
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Compensation & Guidance

There are many paths into, and stories of successful professional careers in Corporate Real Estate, but what can you do to help you land that job and what will it pay? On this page, we want to share some guidance that might help you with your next job (whether or not it is in corporate real estate) and share recent research that has taken a deep-dive to capture a snapshot of what careers in corporate real estate pay.

We hope that you will enjoy these resources; at the end of the day, we can promise you that a career in corporate real estate won’t be dull! 

  • Career Guidance Resources, click here
  • Staff Development Resources
    • A Quick Primer for Developing the Position Description for a Corporate Real Estate Executive, click here
    • How to Hire a Corporate Real Estate Leader to Support Corporate Strategies, click here
  • Compensation Information, click here