Sustainable Leadership Criteria
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Sustainable Leadership Criteria

For Sustainable Leadership Design Categories: The judges would like to see a focus on linkage between sustainability objectives and how they fit into the overall project and organizational objectives.

For Sustainable Leadership Development Categories: The judges want to see a linkage between the project’s objectives and the organization’s mission, objectives and strategies. The project should not be a “stand‐alone” effort; rather, it should demonstrate the fulfillment of the organization’s overall strategy for sustainability.

What is the difference between the design and the development categories?

The design categories recognize completed building projects. These projects should:
  • Integrate sustainability practices with design excellence
  • Meet the client’s sustainability objectives for the project, and for the organization as a whole
  • Demonstrate collaboration between the design firm and client as equal partners
What is NOT acceptable:
  • Buildings that are not completed or have not been occupied for six months.
  • Buildings completed earlier than 2018.
The development categories recognize organization‐wide real estate programs. These programs should:
  • Integrate the organization’s sustainability mission and strategies throughout the organizations – penetrating everyday practices of its real estate/facilities operations
  • Demonstrate a clear link between the organization’s overall strategy for sustainability and the sustainable programs. This is best accomplished through measurable programs.
What is NOT acceptable:
  • Buildings that are not completed or have not been occupied for six months.
  • Stand‐alone programs (e.g., programs not linked to an organization’s sustainability strategies)
How many projects may be submitted?
For the design categories, you may enter for each completed building project, as long as they meet the entry criteria.

For development categories, the judges suggest that you enter only once by “bundling” your initiatives as part of the organization’s overall sustainability mission and strategies.
Explain how sustainable practices have been integrated into the project’s operations and maintenance.

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