University Outreach: Collateral
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University Relations

University Outreach: Collateral

Please use the documents below to reach out to a university in order to raise the awareness of corporate real estate among the faculty and students. These resources have been prepared to help you share the resources CoreNet Global is offering free to university audiences.

We look forward to hearing about your progress and welcome feedback.

Academic Challenge (PDF) – This flyer is intended to be used when there is no current Academic Challenge; it presents the general idea for the competition and shares a variety of details.

CoRE Fundamentals Lecture Series (PDF) – This flyer presents the PowerPoint slides and facilitation guides faculty can use to introduce corporate real estate principles to their students.

Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate - Academic Pricing (PDF) – This flyer introduces faculty to a resource created by members for members that is a valuable text in conveying fundamentals of corporate real estate; reduced pricing is available to faculty, and bulk orders may receive a further discount.

Student Membership (PDF) – This flyer is an eye-catching explanation of the value proposition we offer students.