There are many paths into, and stories of successful professional careers in Corporate Real Estate, but what can you do to help you land that job and what will it pay? On this page, we want to share some guidance that might help you with your next job (whether or not it is in corporate real estate) and share recent research that has taken a deep-dive to capture a snapshot of what careers in corporate real estate pay.

We hope that you will enjoy these resources; at the end of the day, we can promise you that a career in corporate real estate won’t be dull!


Have you managed your career well so far? What areas should you focus on? Should you keep that job or look for a new one? We hope that these free resources can help you advance your career and save you money (paid career guidance can wait).

What do jobs in corporate real estate pay? For newcomers to the profession, this is among their earliest questions. For those who’ve been in and around the profession for some time, it’s interesting to see what others earn and how their compensation compares. Meanwhile, HR Managers may use this information to shape their own compensation practices.

CoreNet Global and FPL Associates create an annual End User Compensation Survey.

Sponsored by CoreNet Global and conducted by FPL Associates L.P., this survey is designed to provide internal corporate real estate organization professionals with competitive compensation levels and current information regarding the design, features, and administration of compensation programs.

In particular, this report provides information for three major facets of compensation: base salary, annual incentive (cash bonus) award value, and long-term incentive (“LTI”) award value for 16 positions commonly found in internal corporate real estate organizations

Survey Departments
Leadership/General Real Estate
Asset Management/Real Estate Strategy
Contract Management Professional
Corporate and Social Responsibility 
Economic Development Professional
Facilities Management
Leasing and Administration Procurement
Project Management Program
Management Real Estate Attorney
Relationship Management
Workplace Services/Space Planning

What did we learn?

  • On average, participants increased salaries in 2018 by 5.3%, slightly higher than 2017 (4.2%)
  • Of the 53% of participants that received increases in annual incentives (cash bonuses) in 2017, the average increase was 12%
  • 51% of participants experienced no change in LTI award amounts in 2017 compared to 2016, 40% increased their LTI award amounts, and 9% saw a decrease in award amounts.

View the 5-Year Comparison of Compensation PDF.

The CoreNet Global Career Action Center will build on the foundation of our research program and seek to bring in additional resources to help paint a picture of compensation at various stages of a corporate real estate career.

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