Corporate Real Estate - Core Fundamentals Lecture Guides
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Corporate Real Estate - Core Fundamentals Lecture Guides

CoRE Fundamentals: Facilitation Guides (Academic)

About the Facilitation Guides

CoreNet Global CoRE Fundamentals Facilitation Guides are designed to provide learners with a foundation of knowledge and skills surrounding corporate real estate in an ever-changing business context.

Available Facilitation Guides:

Facilitation guides are comprised of a slide deck and lecture guide to make it easy for those delivering the content to integrate it into a pre-existing course or deliver it whole.

About CoreNet Global

CoreNet Global is a nonprofit association headquartered in Atlanta, GA representing nearly 11,000 members in 49 countries with strategic responsibility for the real estate assets of large, multinational corporations. The membership base is diverse and spans industries including high-tech, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and oil and gas. Google, Unilever, International Monetary Fund, Oracle, Coca-Cola, Amazon, AT&T, General Motors, Barclays and Shell are among our many member companies. One third of our membership resides outside North America (primarily Europe, China, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the Middle East) with most members managing portfolios with millions of square feet spanning multiple continents.