Members in Transition
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Members in Transition

Contact Us to Participate

Our Members-in-Transition Program is available to assist those in the corporate real estate profession who may have been furloughed or laid off due to the current global pandemic.

Who Can Participate?

Current and New Members*

How Does it Work?

• Participants can download, fill out and return the affidavit agreeing to the program terms.
• Once CoreNet Global receives the signed affidavit, we will validate the request and employment status.
• Upon completion, the participant will receive an email from the Member Experience Team with a link to join or renew their current membership at a discounted rate.


• 50% discount on Membership (one term only)
• 50% discount on two MCR seminars as space is available. Does not include QPCR courses or MCR Capstone.
• 50% Discount (one time only) for any in-person Global Summit; no discount on Global Virtual Events.

*Excludes Students, Academic, Retired and Journalist member types

For More Information, Contact

Phone:  +1 404.589.3200
Toll Free: +1 800.726.8111
Fax:  +1 404.589.3201

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