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BenchCoRE Fully Launched and Now an Independent Benchmarking Service

As a member-driven organization, CoreNet Global is responsible for ensuring that those who belong to the association are equipped with superior knowledge and tools to undertake their work. To that end and in response to member requests, CoreNet Global was instrumental in the successful deployment of a benchmarking service. We knew that meaningful and trusted benchmarking requires specialized skills, and as such, we partnered with BenchCoRE for its industry expertise. The principals of BenchCoRE - Ron Zappile, Peter Holland and Raymond Nomizu - are well known to many of you and to us.  Our benchmarking initiative now has over 45 corporate participants that span the globe as well as the participation of major service providers who are bringing this capability to their clients.  We viewed our role as both an incubator and an accelerator and we have accomplished both. We are pleased to report that BenchCoRE is now providing portfolio benchmarking with active participation by a group of engaged and forward-thinking corporate end users and service providers as an independent entity.

BenchCoRE is now ready to proceed as a fully independent company providing its software and analytical tools to their current and future subscribers.  CoreNet Global and BenchCoRE LLC will of course continue to collaborate as we both advance the agenda of our members and subscribers. BenchCoRE’s independent status become effective, August 1, 2016. Learn more at

Your participation in BenchCoRE and CoreNet Global is valued by both organizations and your ongoing participation and support are appreciated. CoreNet Global will continue to participate in user group meetings. In the meantime, please contact Larry Bazrod at CoreNet Global (+1 404-589-3250 or or Peter Holland at BenchCoRE (+1 617-356-8316 or with any questions on this transition.