CoreNet Global is the world’s leading professional network, representing more than 13,000 real estate and workplace professionals in over 80 countries. The organization is dedicated to advancing the practice of corporate real estate and is the most extensive resource for industry knowledge, best practices, research, and events. Here are the top benefits of becoming a CoreNet Global Partner:

  • As a CoreNet Global Partner, your company will gain access to a vast array of resources and benefits that can help you succeed in your core business objectives. As a partner, you will gain access to the latest industry knowledge and best practices, exclusive networking opportunities, training and certification programs, and discounts on products and services. 
  • CoreNet Global has established many partnerships with other industry-leading organizations providing additional resources and industry insights. Additionally, your company will benefit from the credibility and reputation of being recognized as a CoreNet Global Partner. This recognition can help to strengthen your company’s reputation in the industry, highlighting your commitment to excellence and innovation.
  • Your company will also gain exposure to potential new clients and customers as a result of being a part of the CoreNet Global Partner Network. More importantly, becoming a CoreNet Global Partner can help to open many new doors for your company, connecting you to world-class executives, industry thought leaders and fellow leaders in the corporate real estate and workplace industry. 

In conclusion, becoming a CoreNet Global Partner will provide your company with numerous resources and benefits that can help you to stay competitive in your industry and reach new heights of success. So make the decision now to become a CoreNet Global Partner and watch as your company reaps the rewards of this prestigious and influential network.

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Unlock your business potential and maximize your success with CoreNet Global! As the world's leading association for corporate real estate and workplace professionals, CoreNet Global brings together the most successful service providers, vendors, and economic development organizations in the world.


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Our corporate partnership program offers unique opportunities to connect with a growing community of industry professionals and explore new business opportunities. Become a corporate partner today and join us in driving positive change!


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