CoreNet Global is offering the opportunity to sponsor and participate in its exclusive  Professional Development program.

CoreNet Global offers a variety of development opportunities, the cornerstone of which is the Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR). People with 5 or more years of experience in corporate real estate have up to 5 years to complete six seminars. Continuing education, achieved through additional seminars, event attendance, content development, and more, is required to maintain the designation. CoreNet Global professional designation programs are recognized globally as marks of distinction and excellence in the corporate real estate (CRE) profession. These programs consist of proven seminars taught by seasoned practitioners. The proven curricula are designed to expand CRE knowledge, performance, and productivity.

There are up to 100 courses being offered each calendar year. A seminar schedule is available here.

Click here to view the active Faculty list.

Sponsorship Levels

Classes are held virtually and in locations around the world. As a sponsor, you are aligning your organization with thought leadership and the highest designations in the profession.

  • $1,500 for 1 class without class registration and $2,250 with 1 registration.
  • $2,700 for 2 classes without class registration and $4,050 with 1 registration for both.
  • $3,825 for 3 classes without class registration and $5,740 with 1 registration for all three.
  • $4,800 for 4 classes without class registration and $7,200 with 1 full registration for all four.
  • $5,625 for 5 classes without class registration and $8,440 with 1 full registration for all five.

NOTE: Sponsorship without registration may only be purchased if the sponsor is already enrolled in the class.


Sponsorship Includes

  • Two (2) sponsor spotlights during the duration of the class (one of 2-minute and one of 5-minute maximum, the sponsor may decide the timing of the sponsor spotlights based on options provided by CoreNet Global). Sponsors may choose to showcase a video or a PowerPoint presentation during the sponsor spotlights but they may not exceed the time allocated.
  • List of students to be received approximately one week prior to the start of the class (list of students will not contain contact information but it is common practice for students to exchange contact information during the class)
  • Logo visible prior to students entering the virtual classroom and during each of the breaks (for virtual classes)
  • Presence of the sponsor’s logo on the screen (for in-person classes)
  • Opportunity to donate a door prize or gifts. Sponsors will have to request students to reach out to sponsors in order to claim their gifts or to participate in a door prize. CoreNet Global will not be able to facilitate this benefit on behalf of the sponsor.

 NOTE: Capstone is excluded from this sponsorship opportunity

Examples of courses offered

  • Corporate Real Estate Finance
  • Advanced Lease Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Optimizing Service Delivery and Outsourcing
  • Roadmap to Corporate Real Estate Technology Success
  • Data-Driven Performance Improvement



      Class attendee highlights

      • Member 85% vs Non-Member 15%
      • 15-24 students
      • 60% End Users, 40% Service Providers
      • Titles
        • C-Suite: 2%
        • VP: 15%
        • Director: 30%
        • Other: 53%