You are the future of Corporate Real Estate (CRE)


See beyond what's now. And you’re challenging what’s always been. CoreNet Global is here to help you along your way. If you’re 35 or under and working in the exciting field of corporate real estate (or would like to), then you’re qualified for membership in CoreNet Global as a Young Leader.

CoreNet Global is the place for young professionals to connect, learn, grow, and belong to a worldwide association of nearly 10,000 members. It’s an unbeatable resource for knowledge, learning, and building your professional network and your career.

Wondering how to get started? Below you will find 5 key ways you can take the first step toward making your mark as a Young Leader at CoreNet Global.


But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what a few Young Leaders have to say about the value of CoreNet Global


“It all goes back to 'you get out of it what you put in'. … I have personally found the ROI for my time spent is greater than any other organization I have been a part of. … Aside from the friends and professional relationships I have built, I have been able to stay on top of all the latest real estate trends which is extremely valuable for both my clients and my firm.”

~Mike Brucato
Senior Director, Advisory & Transaction Services, Occupier

"CoreNet Global has given me the opportunity to meet great, smart people, and to learn about many more aspects of the profession ... From a Young Leaders perspective, it has taught me about different career paths that I was not aware of and gave me the chance to learn about how the [profession] is evolving and how technology is changing the ways of working."

~ Lorena Compean Casmiro
Corporate Real Estate Operational Management, Asia-Pacific

"The network is the most important thing – you meet the smartest and the best... I have met some really inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders who are innovating in their respective practices. I think the best part is – it’s very real – CoreNet Global is not some esoteric think tank – it is a real community ..."

~ Abhinav (Abe) Somani
Global CEO
Leverton Corporation

“To me, it’s the connection with other Young Leaders, and with experts in corporate real estate on a global level. At all the events you get new information and insights on the various regions and what’s going on.”

~Martine Verhoeven
Business Development Manager, Building
Royal Haskoiningdhv

...the Young Leaders program made it really approachable and exciting to get to interact with people who are like [me]! … It was an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and make new relationships.

~Melissa Pesci
Vice President and Principal


  • Connect with peers and colleagues around the world and develop relationships to last a lifetime.
  • Serve as a  Campus Ambassador at your alma mater.
  • Participate in the  Young Leader Special Interest Group (SIG).
  • Participate in special Young Leader events at Summits, in your chapter, and more.


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