Take advantage of your local network today!

If you’re looking to make professional connections and develop your career, then becoming part of the global network should be a priority! Our network of 43 locally-based chapters with our Young Leaders special interest group is ready and waiting to provide you with an invaluable resource for education and networking. 

Chapters are incredibly cost-effective, convenient, and accessible – allowing you to reap all the benefits of the global network without having to break the bank. Our stateside chapters offer a wide range of programming from networking events, industry panels, professional workshops, and socials. Our Young Leaders special interest group focuses on developing the next generation of leaders, organizing career development activities, and tackling real-life issues. 

And our international chapters extend beyond the United States, boasting an impressive array of locations such as Europe, Asia, Canada, and South America. Our members have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, meet experts in their field, and gain access to invaluable insights. 

No matter where you are, a network chapter is close by to provide you with the resources necessary to further your career. So what are you waiting for? Join the network today and start taking advantage of our exceptional chapters and the many possibilities they can provide.




Make sure you're taking full advantage of the network and resources that your local professional chapter has to offer. Surround yourself with like-minded professionals to learn and grow together. 


Young Leaders

Are you looking to grow professionally? Join the Young Leaders group and work towards a better future alongside like-minded professionals! Our group initiative provides an opportunity for members to learn and develop in a collaborative and supportive environment.


Katleen Beeckman
VP, Regional and Chapter Experience
Phone: +32 5321.2710
Email: kbeeckman@corenetglobal.org

Erin Halten
Chapter Experience Manager, North America
Phone: +1 404.589.3254
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