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Are you looking for the opportunity to join a global network of like-minded peers? Well then, look no further! We have the perfect network for you! 

Whether you are looking for solutions and knowledge sharing, growing your career, or want to connect with suppliers and providers, CoreNet Global membership has the resources you need. 

What’s more, our local chapters enable members to connect and collaborate in person, create partnerships and foster meaningful relationships. We provide plenty of support and guidance to help members get the most out of their membership, including a range of online tools designed to make the most of digital capabilities. 

So don’t hesitate - join our network today and tap into our vast network of resources! Let’s build something great together!


Our Membership Reach

With over 10K+ members representing over 50+ countries and 45+ local chapters, our network is one of the most comprehensive networks out there. We provide you with a wealth of resources to keep you engaged, informed, and connected. You can stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends, discover inspiring success stories from our members around the world, and even join in on discussions and conversations to sharpen your knowledge. 

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Quick Glance at our Member-Only Benefits

CoreNet Global's membership program is designed to give YOU exclusive access to resources, news, and events that can help YOU maintain a competitive edge within the workplace industry. Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of discounts on events and other benefits that will help you stay up-to-date on the latest developments within the Corporate Real Estate Industry. So, don't wait any longer! Join CoreNet Global today and start taking advantage of the exclusive membership benefits that can help you stay ahead of the competition and be the best in the workplace industry.

The Source App

The single source for corporate real estate research, publications, market reports, CRE-specific research reports, and white papers.

Mentor Match

Connect in a meaningful way through mentoring at any stage of your career with other like-minded corporate real estate professionals.

Member Directory

Connect with CRE professionals from all over the world in our exclusive Member Directory! Unlock opportunities for networking and partnerships.

Awards and Recognition

Get recognized for your contributions to the corporate real estate profession.

CNG Loyalty

Exclusive discounts on renewals, preferred seating, Certified Digital Badge, and more!

Member Only Discounts

Receive discounts on events and summits, learning classes, and more.

Which Membership Type is right for you?

Join now and take advantage of the exclusive benefits that come along with our different membership types. If you’re not sure which membership type is right for you, our knowledgeable team can help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Join today and become part of our exclusive membership!


End User

Professionals who manage real estate and related assets for companies whose primary business focus is not corporate or commercial real estate (CRE). These members are known as corporate occupiers and corporate tenants.


Service Provider

A service provider (SP) is an organization that provides services, such as consulting, legal, real estate, communications, storage, and processing services, to other organizations. Mainly those with commercial real estate interests.


Economic Developer

These members are known as community development and economic development corporations (EDC's). EDC involvement includes government agencies, the Chamber of Commerce, public-private partnerships (PPP’s), and others.


Young Leader

Young Leader members may be corporate end-users, service providers, or economic developers. These members are professionals in the corporate real estate space who are 35 years of age or younger.



Academic Members are educators at a college or university who spend not less than eighty (80) percent of their time researching or teaching in the field of real estate, corporate real estate or real estate related education.



Student memberships are intended only for those new to the profession, who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate degree-with accredited colleges or universities that include real estate or real estate-related fields (no online universities).


Watch our Member Stories Around the Globe

As a CoreNet Global Member, you're part of a community of innovators and forward-thinkers who are working to advance the corporate real estate industry. Hear firsthand from our members about why they joined and what impact they've made within the CoreNet Global Community by watching our Member stories.



Membership Has Its Rewards!


Have you ever wanted to reap the benefits of having a CoreNet Global Membership without having to pay a hefty annual fee? Now, you can--because paying a little upfront can easily pay itself back with all the savings you can enjoy! So, if you’re looking to stretch your dollar a bit further, it’s worth looking into a membership that can give you access to exclusive deals. Pay a little upfront and you’ll be saving money in no time! Don't miss out - join now and see the benefits of membership! 


Membership Dial


  • Summits – 10% off summit registration*
  • Professional Development – 20%* off your MCR/QPCR program
  • FREE access to our Volunteer Program


  • FREE and/or Discounts off your local chapter events
  • FREE access to our Mentor Match Program

*Indicates products or services discounted to US end-user members. Pricing differs based on membership type. Member benefits are subject to change.


  • Member-Exclusive content via The Source App
  • FREE The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate- $50 value


  • Free Access to our Volunteer Program
  • Recognition from your company and peers – is priceless!


Frequently Asked Questions

You may call Member Services at 1 (800) 726-8111 or email us.

Your User ID is your e-mail address.  You can have your password reset on the login page, or you can contact Member Services to have it reset. If the website does not recognize your email address please contact Member Services.

Please contact Member Services to have your login reset. Do not create a new login.

No, just because you have a login does not mean you are a member. Anyone who has attended a chapter event or expressed interest in CoreNet Global has a record in our database, and therefore has a login. Many aspects of the website require a login, even if membership is not required (such as registration and viewing certain resources in the Knowledge Center). If you do not know whether you have a login, please contact Member Services. Visit Join Now! to become a member.

Our memberships are global, and include local chapter membership. We do not have memberships for local chapters only. When you apply for a membership, you are automatically given membership to your local chapter. See Chapters for a list of local chapters.

If you already have a member profile (i.e. if you are a member or you have attended an event before) you log in using your User ID and password. If you do not have a member profile, you may create an account and then register for the event that you are interested in. Of course, you may always contact our Member Services Department for assistance. Visit our events information page to learn about our yearly Summits and Conferences.

Our Members-in-Transition program is for individuals (members and non-members) that are currently out of work and actively searching for a new position. It allows for a discounted membership rate for one year, discounts on Summits, MCR and SLCR seminars and some local programs, as well as all the usual connections and knowledge that you get with a membership.  Please contact Member Services for more information.

A Young Leader membership is available to individuals aged 35 and younger. This is the same basic membership at a deeply discounted rate. The fees vary based on currency and country, see Young Leaders for more details. Please note: a driver’s license or other proof of age must be submitted with the application.

Our memberships are on an individual basis, so while co-workers may be members, the company is not. We do, however, have Corporate and Strategic Partnerships. This means that a company may make contributions to CoreNet Global and as a part of this partnership, there is an agreed-upon number of memberships that are discounted. If you think that your company would be interested in learning more about our partnership program, please contact us. Please contact our VP, Partner and Organizational Development.

We no longer publish and send this out; it is now available to you online and is called the Member Directory. You may search by various parameters and refine your search as necessary. By making the directory available online, you may access it anywhere at any time of day.


For general questions or detailed information, please contact the Membership Experience team.

Phone:  +1 404.589.3200
Toll Free: +1 800.726.8111
Fax:  +1 404.589.3201
Email: membership@corenetglobal.org