Introducing CNGtv
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Introducing CNGtv

CoreNet Global is pleased to announce CNGtv, your channel for the latest news and happenings within corporate real estate starring, YOU, CoreNet Global members and subject matter experts.

You’re invited to share your insights, your perspectives, your experiences with other members through CNGtv. And, we make it easy. From your cell phone to your computer, you can use the devices you use every day to record video.

If you are interested in submitting a video, please fill out a request form. See below for general guidelines.

Our greatest strength is you, your experiences and insights. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on a future episode of CNGtv!

Feature Video

Member Submitted Content

Kathleen Culver - Nokia

Kathleen Culver of Nokia outlines the importance of engaging IT and security, implementing services and understanding the total cost of ownership and illustrates how to move beyond proof of concept in a smart building deployment.

Tim Venable - Global Innovators Awards

Now in its 20th year, the Global Innovator’s Award recognizes innovators and game-changers in the field of corporate real estate. The winner for 2019 will be selected at a high-profile competition at MIT in July.

Boston Summit 2018

Introducing CNGtv

Your channel for the latest news and happenings within corporate real estate.

Dr. Ken Goldberg, Professor, UC Berkeley

Robotics, Machine Learning, and AI and the impact on human jobs.

David Kamen, Chairman, CoreNet Global

Record-breaking attendance and top-quality content at the CoreNet Global Summit.

Alexis Carthan, CoreNet Global

Podcast Parlor and the launch of CNGtv.

Kathy Godwin, CoreNet Global

CoreNet Global membership, benefits, education, plus special offers for new and renewing members.

Brittney Webster, CoreNet Global

How can CoreNet Global's Mentor Match program help you get to the next level?

Nyeeam Hudson

King Nahh - author, artist, speaker, and America's most inspirational kid.

Del Boyette, President & CEO, Boyette Strategic Advisors

Location strategy and the impact on workforce and talent.

Keith Perske, Colliers International

Five shifts businesses need to make in order to maintain (or gain) a competitive advantage.

Suzanne Mehta, Cushman & Wakefield

A Chief Experience Officer shares surprising discoveries from her work in user/employee experience.

Dr. Josh Packard, University of Northern Colorado

Why customers leave and what can businesses do about it (and how to get them back!).

Peggie Rothe, Leesman

Lessons learned through mining data from more than 400,000 survey participants, representing over 3000 workplaces from over 460 organizations.

Mike Brucato, CBRE

Big data and how the information can be overwhelming to companies.

Dr. Ethan Bernstein, Harvard University

The increasingly transparent workplace and its impact on employee activity, routines, behaviors, and performance.

Dr. Cristina Banks, University of California Berkeley

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to developing a healthy workplace.

Amy Blankson, GoodThink

How to cultivate happiness and finding balance in the digital age.

Slade Bedford, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The reinvention of the workplace experience: Using space to influence behavior. Behavior, in turn, becomes culture.

Stuart Appley, CBRE

AI and Machine Learning: What corporate real estate (CRE) can learn from silicon valley.

Paul Thurman, Columbia University

How can corporate real estate executives keep up with innovation and design thinking?

Jan Price, CAE, CoreNet Global

What is the Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate (QPCR) all about?

Frank Robinson, 2018 Distinguished Leader Circle Inductee

One of the inaugural inductees into the Distinguished Leaders Circle talks about what CoreNet Global has meant to him and how the organization has evolved.

University of South Carolina Students

Academic Challenge finalists share what their experience has been and what they’ve learned about corporate real estate.

CNGtv Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Segments should be no longer than 10 minutes in length.
  • Product, service or vendor promotions are strictly prohibited.
  • CNGtv segments should be respectful of differing views, competitors, etc.
  • Derogatory, inflammatory or offensive comments are strictly prohibited.
  • CNGtv segments can feature one or more participants in an editorial or interview format. o If you record the segment yourself, please note that the recording should meet the following technical specifications: - Provided in MP4 format; please send us native file (vs. uploading to youtube or other video server and sending a link). - Good sound quality with limited background noise
  • Well-lit video, need not be studio quality, but adequate lighting should be available; avoid overhead lights that cast shadows in the scene, and avoid light sources that are directly visible to the camera.
  • Handheld video is ok provided steps are taken to steady the camera/phone: Tripods are a low-cost way to get the most out of your camera, especially if using a mobile devise. Hi-definition web-cameras are suitable for over-the-shoulder shoots.
  • If you are unable to record your own CNGtv segment or would like to be interviewed, CoreNet Global can assist via web conference once your application is approved.
  • The opportunity to record a segment is reserved for members in good standing (although CoreNet Global will also curate CNGtv content as well).
  • The opinions expressed in CNGtv segments are not necessarily those of CoreNet Global.
  • CNGtv segments may not be re-published without written permission from CoreNet Global.
  • CoreNet Global retains full editorial control and reserves the right to edit content or to refuse publication of submitted material. CNGtv segments are the property of CoreNet Global.
  • Contributors are responsible for ensuring that the material they present is their own, that they do not divulge proprietary information or otherwise violate the policy of the company(ies) they represent.
  • Try to have as much of a personality on camera as possible to come across well. Be energetic, and let the real you shine through.
  • Stay on topic, and try not to ramble. Only say what’s necessary to get your point across on camera.

For general questions and more information, please contact Arielle Sanders at