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Speak at a Summit

Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for Global Summits in North America and EMEA Summit is closed.  Notifications will be emailed beginning late March/Early April.

  • 2019 Summit Theme
  • 2019 Call for Proposals
  • 2019 Call for Reviewers
  • Luminary Award

Experience Matters
It’s Not Just Business. It’s Personal.

Experience is today’s business benchmark. Organizations that invest in their employees’ and customers’ experiences are more productive, valuable, attractive, innovative and profitable. The focus of business today has shifted. Stakeholders are now in the driver’s seat, expecting an experience that is targeted and personalized to their demands. 

The 2019 Global Summit Theme is Experience Matters. It’s Not Just Business. It’s Personal. Let this be your call to action. What role does corporate real estate (CRE) play in leading, creating, shaping, fostering and embracing experiences that enable business success?

Be Bold!

Help us focus on the attendee experience at our Global Summits. Please note the following:

  • Your colleagues’ content expectations transcend CRE-specific case studies or panel discussions with subject matter experts.
  • We seek proposals that require active attendee interaction, not passive listening.
  • We seek proposals that offer something different and new.
  • We want proposals that allows for co-creation and exploration of new ways to problem solve.
  • We will be looking for innovative session formats and a deeper explanation of how you will engage the audience in meaningful dialogues.
  • Preference will be given to proposals that push the boundaries of traditional breakout session experiences.

Got Experience?

You know stuff. And others want to hear what you have to say. Your expertise and perspectives will help advance the practice of corporate real estate. But don’t just preach to the choir! Think about how to create a shared experience with your audience through immersive engagement. Lead candid conversations about successes – and your failures, too. Discuss how the skills and training that got you where you are today may not be enough as the role of corporate real estate continues to evolve.

Need Experience?

What do you want to learn that you don’t know enough about now? Propose a session where you don’t already know the answers but know how to ask the right questions – and who to bring to the table to help you – and the audience – gain that knowledge and understanding?

Be an Experience.

Begin a conversation that ignites a spark that leads to further discussions that last long after the Global Summit is complete. Share provocative ideas. Be the contrarian. Be the provocateur. Dare to be something different than a traditional breakout session presenter.

Some ideas to ponder as you develop the ultimate proposal for your breakout session experience:

  • How will AI, IoT, blockchain and other technology disruptors impact the role of corporate real estate?
  • How can colleagues, coworkers or presenters outside of CRE contribute to your discussion?
  • How can insights gleaned from other professions lead to conceptual leaps and radical changes?
  • How can design thinking impact the employee and customer experience?
  • How can CRE be agile, resilient and relevant in a time of great technological and traditional business model disruption?
  • What role will the gig economy play in delivering corporate real estate solutions?
  • How will technology transform portfolio management and optimization?
  • Where did all of the end users go?
  • What’s next for co-working?
  • How can technology enable more effective partnerships with HR, IT, finance, procurement and other key functions?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities you face partnering with other internal business units?
  • What measurable success are workplace wellness providing to the employee satisfaction?
  • How are you leveraging virtual reality and artificial intelligence in managing CRE?
  • How is your CRE team attracting and retaining diverse talent?
  • How are you preventing and managing security breaches?
  • What geopolitical, economic or environmental risks are on the horizon?
  • What role does the built environment play in employee and customer engagement?
  • What innovative strategies are you employing to empower and lead your in-house and outsourced CRE team?
  • What business continuity strategies are you using to address unanticipated events, challenges and crises?
  • How are you applying emerging technologies to provide personalized experience for employees?

Explore the Uncertain

We seek proposals that solve problems in new ways and address the future. Your colleagues desire more content than just a CRE-specific case study or the panel of SMEs. We will be looking for innovative session formats and a deeper explanation of how you will engage the audience. When submitting your proposal, consider some of these thoughts:

  • How new insights from other disciplines are linked to real estate concerns
  • Share emergent ideas, successes, failures and lessons learned
  • Think deeply about providing content from colleagues, coworkers or presenters outside of CRE and then contextualise the content back to the profession
  • How insights gleaned from other professions can lead to conceptual leaps and radical changes
  • Write in a way that will draw the attention of your peers, spark their imagination and stir their curiosity to learn from your mistakes and successes making your session a "must-attend" at the Summit.
  • If you are a service provider, partner with an end-user to provide a variety of perspectives, successes and lessons learned.

Game changing trends are redefining our work, lives, societies and planet. Preparing an organization for this future is not an easy task. It means thinking differently, having a point of view on the future and how to act on it today.

Key Dates

14 June 2018 Call for Proposal Opens – Global Summit in APAC
9 August 2018 Call for Proposal Closes – Global Summit in APAC
21 August 2018 – 17 September 2018 Reviewers at Work – Global Summit in APAC
25 - 27 September 2018 CoreNet Global Summit (Madrid)
Mid–October 2018 Notifications of Acceptances – APAC Summit
14 - 17 October 2018 CoreNet Global Summit (Boston, MA)
14 November 2018 Call for Proposal Opens – Global Summits in EMEA & North America
25 January 2019 Call for Proposal Closes – Global Summits in EMEA & North America
1 February – 1 March 2019 Reviewers at Work – Global Summits in EMEA & North America
12 – 14 March 2019 CoreNet Global Summit (Hong Kong)
Late March 2019 Notifications of Acceptances – EMEA Summit
Early-April 2019 Notifications of Acceptances – North America Summit
10 - 12 September 2019 CoreNet Global Summit (Amsterdam)
20 - 22 October 2019 CoreNet Global Summit (Anaheim, CA)

Purpose of Reviewers

CoreNet Global seeks reviewers from around the world to evaluate education session proposals for the 2019 Global Summits. Peer reviewers are critical to ensure the high quality of the Summit education experience by thoughtfully assessing the proposals for exceptional presentations. CoreNet Global uses peer reviewers to help vet content for all Global Summits. There is a strong desire to provide a diverse, global mix of content at each Global Summit we do and this requires a diverse, global mix of subject matter experts to carefully review, rate and provide feedback on content proposal submissions.

We invite you to be part of the Call for Proposal peer review process, to enable us to feature learning that truly reflects our members' interests and needs.

As a reviewer you will help evaluate the proposals for the breakout sessions. You will be given criteria to evaluate the proposals so that all submissions are consistently and fairly evaluated. All proposals must be evaluated during 21 August 2018 - 17 September 2018 for the APAC region and the review period for the EMEA and North America regions is 1 February 2019 – 1 March 2019.

Basic Requirements for Reviewers

  • Expertise in corporate real estate
  • Must be a CoreNet Global member
  • Must have attended at least one CoreNet Global Summit
  • Commitment to complete review of all assigned proposals by 17 September 2018 for APAC and by 1 February - 1 March 2019 for EMEA and North America regions.

Guidelines for Reviewers

  • Reviewers will be invited to a webinar on 7, 13 or 15 August to learn how to assess the proposals.
  • All Reviewers must read and accept the Terms & Conditions found at this link.
  • The Global Summit Reviewers cannot contain more than two Reviewers from the same company. The Global Summit Reviewers will evaluate content for the APAC, EMEA and North American Summits held in 2019.
  • CoreNet Global will retain ultimate responsibility for the final Summit Breakout Session Program selection.

Terms and Conditions

Please review the following Terms and Conditions for participating on the as a Global Summit Reviewer.

  1. Conflict of Interest: To avoid any conflict of interest, please disqualify yourself as a reviewer for any specific Submission where
    1. The submitter is from the same company as yourself or
    2. You acted or will act as a paid consultant to the company, or will gain some benefit from the project in the submission; or
    3. You have any affiliation or financial interest in the firm or persons submitting this proposal.
    4. You have any reason to suspect a conflict of interest.
  2. Confidentiality: All materials shared with Summit Reviewers is confidential to the CoreNet Global Summit planning and to the companies that submit them. They are not to be shared with others. All Summit programming updates to parties outside of the reviewers will be provided officially by CoreNet Global staff.
  3. Review: All Content Submission Reviews will be completed online by the agreed Reviewer only, via the link provided by CoreNet Global within the timeframe outlined above.
  4. Contact with Speakers: Summit Reviewers should not reach out to/make commitments to submitters or potential speakers mentioned in Content Submissions. All communication with Submitters, Speakers and representatives from affiliated companies will be conducted by CoreNet Global staff.
  5. CoreNet Global: Does not pay stipends to Summit Reviewers. Your valuable contribution will be recognized in a General Session at the Summit.

CoreNet Global reserves the right to use your name, title and company name in pre- and post-Summit marketing materials.

Timeline for Reviewers

Date Action
14 June 2018 Call for Reviewers Opens
9 July 2018 Call for Reviewers Closes
12 - 13 July 2018 Reviewers Receive Notification of Acceptance
7 August 2018 Reviewers Webinar – EMEA
13 August 2018 Reviewers Webinar – NA
15 August 2018 Reviewers Webinar – APAC
20 August 2018 Reviewers begin to evaluate the APAC Proposals
17 September 2018 Deadline to complete review of all assigned APAC session proposals
1 February 2019 Reviewers begin to evaluate the EMEA & North America Proposals
1 March 2019 Deadline to complete review of all assigned session proposals for EMEA and North America Summits

Each year the top-rated speakers from each Summit are recognized as Luminary Award winners.  The award is a symbol of excellence, presented to those achieving performance ratings in the top 10% of all speakers at each Summit. The Luminary Award recognizes the attainment of 'eminence' and 'inspiration' amongst our speakers. The Luminary Awards will be presented at the next regional Summit.

Congratulations to the current and past winners!

2018 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

2017 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

2016 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

2015 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

2014 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

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