How Leading Organizations Should be Leveraging Data in 2021 Monday, 15 March 2021 from 11:00 PM – 11:15 PM

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It’s no surprise that work modes moving into 2021 will be drastically different than those in recent years. Working from home, employee flexibility, emphasis on health and safety among many other subjects seem to be gaining traction with ease. One major change, however, is a bit more elusive: an increased focus on leveraging space and worker data. We’re here to discuss ways in which leveraging data can not only make returning to work easier, but also promote a more flexible, healthier and effective environment.


Portrait photo of Jay Berkemeyer Jay Berkemeyer
Director, Business Development, Avuity
Portrait photo of Jarrod Easterwood Jarrod Easterwood
Director of Marketing & Partner Relation, Avuity


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