Wait, I thought the workplace was over? Monday, 15 March 2021 from 11:20 PM – 11:35 PM

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When organizations sent employees home in March and April, grand predictions were made about the future and fate of the workplace. CFO’s whispered about 50% reductions, HR specialists imagined a real work life balance outside the office, and business futurists all winked at the remote work revolution as if to say, “I told you so.” But after nearly a year, we are coming to terms with the limits of virtual collaboration and remote work. Employees have enjoyed the flexibility and convenience of working from home, but for most organizations, mentoring, on-boarding, community building and ideation have taken a performance hit. As a result, the workplace has shifted from a capital expense that must be minimized, to an organizational driver of culture, ideas and innovation. Our session will feature: • Real case studies of future workplace pilot projects • Data leveraged from our predictive analytics tool on workforce preferences, behaviours • Latest trends and innovations in workplace strategy, design, and construction delivery


Portrait photo of Natasha Bonugli Natasha Bonugli
Global Principal, Design, Unispace