CoreNet Global Summit, Singapore 2018
Singapore | 12-15 March 2018 | Ritz Carlton Millenia
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Closing General Session: Living at the Intersection of Technology and Humanity

15 March 2018 | 15:30 - 16:45

Closing General Session: Living at the Intersection of Technology and Humanity

Many of the greatest innovations today see a convergence between varied ideas and fields, and these shape many potential new realities for us all. When there is a strong purpose driving the WHY behind these, we find true inspiration in these innovations. Dr Jordan Nguyen is a creator who seeks to help drive a positive evolution of our relationship with technology. He does this through traveling the world to understand the intersection between technology and humanity, and through creating advanced life-changing innovations in personal projects, collaborations, and in his social business Psykinetic.

How can convergences between fields like Internet of Things, Big Data, Wireless Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Technology, Virtual Reality, and Cloud Computing/Services create positive impact for our future? Dr Jordan will guide you through the stories and adventures of how he and his teams have applied these ideas to allow people to play music with their eyes, push the limits of science and even break known facts through virtual reality, and even drive cars through brainwaves, in a process he calls "technological telekinesis". The world is rapidly changing, and this thought-provoking talk will take you through many reasons why these changes can be exciting for our future.