CoreNet Global Summit, Shanghai 2017
Shanghai | 21-23 March 2017 | Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai

Healthy Choices - GSK’s Internal & External Partnering Strategies For Growth In Asia

23 March 2017 | 11:15 - 12:15

Healthy Choices - GSK’s Internal & External Partnering Strategies For Growth In Asia

As one of the world's largest healthcare companies GSK is focused on three priorities: grow a balanced global business, deliver more products of value and simplify the operating model. These strategic priorities translate into a drive within the Worldwide Real Estate & Facilities (WREF) team to seek out key internal and external partners to optimise service delivery. The Asia region is particularly complex & diverse, with five distinctly different business types and over 400 assets. Combine this with a focus on significant business growth driven by Asian leadership and innovation for Asian consumers, and you have a need for transformational thinking and integrated solutions from the APAC WREF team. Working on a "thin client" model, the APAC WREF team has focused on optimising the real estate supply chain around three pillars: 1.Increase productivity through SMARTWorking; 2.Increase efficiency through enterprise FM and services standardisation; and 3.Become a "friend" of the business in order to understand their aspirations and painpoints, and communicate the value RE and FM can deliver, creating savings to reinvest in local business growth.  This session will outline the thinking behind these strategies, the implementation models and share initial observations on the changes unfolding across the region.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be able to identify and adapt specific internal partnering initiatives to support regional talent and leadership objectives, particularly related to successful SMARTWorking implementation (activity-based working).
  • Understand how to align workplace change with broader business transformation activities.
  • Improve your skills in translating global priorities and targets into workable strategies and measures that recognise the diversity of mature and emerging markets in the region and the implications for internal and external partnering support.
  • Identify successful approaches to relationship-building with a diverse stakeholder group across Asia with a range of business expectations and perceptions of CRE value. Specifically the communication of how key WREF initiatives support local business growth and operational effectiveness.