CoreNet Global Summit, Seattle 2017
Seattle | 5 - 7 November 2017 | Washington State Convention Center

Corporate Real Estate Strategies: From Coworking to Crowdsourcing

November 7 2017 | 10:00 - 11:00

Corporate Real Estate Strategies: From Coworking to Crowdsourcing

In an era of consumer-centric business models and dramatic technology advancements, there is now greater demand and opportunity for real estate to impact business and occupant performance. Organizations like Mozilla and Verizon are leveraging their physical environments as a platform for internal innovation and external brand leadership by incorporating forward-thinking, user-centric approaches to workplace design and real estate strategy. Mozilla's Workplace Resources team is a testbed of discovery, supporting an emerging typology where workspace facilitates commitment and sharing rather than just commerce. Verizon seeks to transform its business from an infrastructure of copper and fiber to a connected innovation platform. Verizon's Global Real Estate team is repurposing legacy assets to create coworking spaces that tap into the innovation and energy of entrepreneurs and start-ups across the world. In these emergent approaches real estate leaders are addressing the changing economy by incorporating disruptive strategies to transform real estate from a bottom line savings to a catalyst for people and business performance. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Deepen your understanding of disruptive real estate approaches to facilitate business performance and organizational transformation.
  • Explore how CRE teams can partner across business lines to enable the success of occupant-centric, inter-departmental real estate strategies.
  • Apply open source and fail fast business processes to real estate strategy. Leverage these approaches to learn across projects and build iterative learning cycles that provide ongoing occupant-centric insights. 
  • Identify the ways that space can enable relationships between employees, customers and innovation networks.