CoreNet Global Summit, Philadelphia 2016

Time to Move! Applying the Principles of Active Design

18 October 2016 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Time to Move! Applying the Principles of Active Design

Over the past three decades, obesity and related chronic diseases have skyrocketed in the United States while sitting has recently been declared "the new smoking". The structure of the built environment is increasingly recognized as an important facilitator (or inhibitor) of a healthy lifestyle, given that where and how individual's work determines their opportunities to be physically active. Research shows that increased levels of physical activity, as mediated through changes in the built environment, is synergistic with greater environmental sustainability and overall positive outcomes.

Active Design is a series of specific guidelines based on extensive research by an interdisciplinary team of government and private sector professionals to address obesity and chronic diseases as well as improve worker health and well being. This relatively new and innovative concept encompasses all aspects of design & space planning from projects small to large. Join us for an inter-active discussion we review the primary principals of Active Design while highlighting several cutting edge projects that are trailblazing the Active Design movement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Describe the seven key principles of Active Design and how they each positively impact human health.
  • Identify cost-effective Active Design concepts that participants can implement in their own spaces and/or projects while encouraging people to start moving in ways they hadn’t done before. 
  • Discover innovative active design strategies that are pushing the limits of what is possible within commercial real estate while encouraging both employees and employers to think bigger and to re-evaluate the relationship between buildings and human health.