CoreNet Global Summit, India 2019
India Conference | 19 June 2019 | ITC Gardenia
Online registration ends on June 15. Onsite registration will be available. Please plan on arriving by 9:00 to process your registration.


Learning Experiences

19 June 2019   |  10:10 - 11:10

Opening General Session: A Dynamic World requires Dynamic Corporate Real Estate

As technology advances at ever increasing speed, business is becoming much more dynamic. Certainties are giving way to perpetual fluidity; change is constant. Corporate Real Estate is changing as well. #SpaceAsAService is becoming the new normal. Putting the human at the center of corporate real estate strategy is the starting point.

19 June 2019   |  11:40 - 12:25

Geopolitical and Trade Tensions – Reshaping Corporate Real Estate in a Global Economy (Mysore Hall)

The last two years have seen an increasingly unpredictable global geopolitical environment, with trade tensions notably coming to the fore, as tariffs have been threatened and introduced. Behind this trend are shifting geopolitical and economic tectonics, as the global center of gravity continues to shift towards Asia in an increasingly multipolar world as China goes global and India continues to grow. Given this backdrop, the session will set to examine strategic real estate planning decisions as challenges including unpredictable policy outcomes and a volatile trade environment impact supply chains, regional costs, and long-term budget decisions.

19 June 2019   |  11:40 - 12:25

Intelligent Workplace - Engaging Occupants with a Higher Quality of Life (Magnolia)

An intelligent workplace or a smart building today is more than being just technologically advanced. This title now calls for a building to be green and emotionally intelligent, capable of ensuring the safety, well being, and comfort of its occupants while being efficient. Progressive organizations promote efficient work v/s more work. An emotionally intelligent building will consider the social, human and cultural aspects of the people occupying it, enhancing the overall employee experience.

19 June 2019   |  13:25 - 14:10

Exploring the Trend of Data Centers in India - A Boon for Real Estate! (Magnolia)

India has recently outlined a new draft policy which calls for data to be stored locally. This would mean more and more requirements for setting up data centers within the country. The policy change is well received by investors/developers/RE services firms as it will not only generate more opportunities to develop the infrastructure but will also help diversify their respective portfolios and reduce risks.

19 June 2019   |  13:25 - 14:10

The Changing World of CRE – How the Environment Around Corporate Real Estate is Evolving (Mysore Hall)

Work and work spaces have become more dynamic with the advent of modern technology and generational demands. This has untethered the employee from the desk. Output not presence is the new emerging flavor of the modern workplace. How do we then ensure that our workplaces continue to be engaging, effective, experimentally outstanding while still being efficient?

19 June 2019   |  14:25 - 15:10

Workplace 360 Degrees – Dynamism of the Gender Diversity and Strategic Management of Workplace (Magnolia)

Workplace diversity in terms of gender, age, physical abilities and backgrounds, and jobs are becoming crucial for working towards a stronger business environment. While in India, there is an overwhelming shift of focus towards providing millennial appropriate workspace, globally, the number of persons hired in the age group of 40 years and over has increased. Today’s workspace also has to create a strong sense of empowerment to people of all backgrounds and reality. This session looks at what the future workplace should be in these terms and will focus on the requirement to adequately forward strategic real estate to meet the growing diversity of the workplace.

19 June 2019   |  14:25 - 15:10

Digital Twin – Impact on Corporate Real Estate (Mysore Hall)

We’re all familiar with terms like Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Cognitive Intelligence. However, a new term that not everyone is familiar with has been gaining importance recently: Digital Twin Intelligence. Digital twins are not new, and many industries are already in the process of doing R&D on them. The concept has been around for years but only became cost effective to implement and use after the Internet of Things (IOT) and augmented reality opportunities were popularized. Finally, Analytics has given digital twins a platform to fly.

19 June 2019   |  15:40 - 16:25

Closing General Session: Mindset of a Champion – Adjust your Thinking to Positively Impact you and your Business

In this session you will identify how to grow as a business leader and what you need in order to move your business to the next level. You will learn about the mindset you need to have which will enable you to be successful at work and in life. You will experience breakthrough insights for a world-class leadership mindset and the vision to build an extraordinary business.