CoreNet Global Summit, India 2018
India Conference, Bengaluru | 20 June 2018 | ITC Gardenia
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Breakout Sessions

June 20, 2018   |  10:40 - 11:25

Defining and Measuring the Value Added By CRE Professionals in a VUCA Environment

It was a great year (2017) for the commercial real estate industry. However, for organizations, workplace is no more about just a cost of doing business; workplace is now an investment into intelligence and a critial tool for driving culture, engagement, satisfaction, well-being and productivity for its employees. There is growing demand from corporates looking for better facilities and the sector remains the hottest of all. New technologies push the envelope of what can be accomplished with respect to the occupant’s comfort, energy conservation, and space utilization, while the regulatory environment changes. Many organizations also took the plunge towards a new, open-office design concept, looking to outdoor spaces to enhance their employees’ health and wellness. Tenants across the world are reimagining their office space to enhance the environment in which their employees work. This challenge becomes even more interesting in an environment where technology and digitalization are making inroads in a big way into CRE. In this Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous environment, what can CRE professionals do to enhance their business strategic planning process to evolve and thrive in this competitive real estate world.

June 20, 2018   |  11:55 - 12:40

Technology @ Real Estate – Relevance On The Future

As technology continues to evolve, corporates worldwide are strategizing their business plans accordingly. Their strategies regarding talent and real estate space needs are also witnessing a significant shift. Through this session you would get an insight in the technology and mind space of real estate occupiers, investors / landlords, service providers and importantly the technology developers and the start-up eco-system that are at the very heart of this progression.

June 20, 2018   |  13:40 - 14:25

The Creative Shift: How Place + Technology + People Can Help Solve 21st Century Problems

A decade or so ago, it was a prediction that was easily ignored. Now the trend toward more creative work is an idea whose time has come, and workplaces need to move forward, too. Steelcase shall share the key insights of our study that explain ‘why’ work has changed, ‘what’ creative work entails & ‘how’ we can connect creativity, work & the physical environment. This takes into consideration the various drivers and disruptors that have provided the impetus to the shift towards creative work. These range from the changing expectations of people, the increasing rise of automation and disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality etc. These drivers and disruptors pose a myriad of challenges and new-age problems that require novel approaches towards idea generation & problem solving. Creativity is fundamentally repositioning the way people work; work used to be driven by efficiency, where people worked in silos of specialization and the process was intentionally linear. In contrast, the creative process is difficult, iterative and messy. Based on an in-depth study by Steelcase’s WorkSpace Futures team on creativity and the implications to the workplace, Steelcase & Microsoft co-developed Creative Spaces, that envisions a workplace which accelerates the shift to creative work by supporting all the conditions it needs to thrive.

June 20, 2018   |  13:40 - 14:25

IFRS-16: Impending Impact on Occupiers Bottom Line!

IFRS-16 – The new leases standard comes into effect from January 2019 taking over from IAS 17. The new requirements eliminate nearly all off balance sheet accounting for lessees and redefine many commonly used financial metrics like gearing ratio and EBITDA. Further, in today’s low interest rate environment, many occupants of offices ask themselves whether it is better to buy an office space rather than leasing it out? Will the implementation of IFRS-16 make the idea of office leasing attractive or drive occupiers to consider ownership of assets? What will be change in behavior of lessees when it comes to lease terms and lease payment models?

June 20, 2018   |  14:35 - 15:20

Are You Ready for Blockchain?

The fintech world is alight with promises, excitement and expectation around how blockchain technology may create new value and transform financial services processes. The reality is it's already happening. The impacts on real estate are wide-ranging and already taking shape before many CRE's have prepared for the challenges and benefits. Are you and your organization blockchain-ready? Join us to learn how different industries are piloting and already implementing Blockchain. How it will impact the need for talent and workplaces, how workforces are evolving to create higher value human service, and what impacts you need to plan for and leverage in CRE processes as Blockchain, potentially, changes everything.