CoreNet Global Summit, Hong Kong 2019
Hong Kong | 12 - 14 March 2019
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2019 Hong Kong Breakout Sessions

The Summit will feature a range of distinguished speakers whose focus will be on timely topics sure to be of interest to every corporate real estate (CRE) professional. Speakers include subject matter experts from companies like Itoki Corporation, HSBC, Hyatt Hotels, Merck and more!

A few of the sessions scheduled at this year’s Summit include:

Driving Personalised Work-Style Change in Japan
Take an in depth look at how Itoki Corporation has undergone a work-style transformation and learn how the changes have influenced employee engagement and productivity. In this case study, hear firsthand how corporate real estate, IT and HR can work together to drive personalised workplace change.

Human-Centric Metrics and the True Value of Space
While economics matter, it is certainly possible to reconcile economics with interior design that is intelligent, interesting, and human centred. If we focus on environmental and human-centric metrics — in addition to the financial ones — we can begin to shift the way we think about and value space.

Geopolitics and Trade Tensions:
Strategic Real Estate Strategies in a Volatile World

An increasingly unpredictable geopolitical environment, trade tensions, and the threat of new tariffs, demands new agile planning decisions. Learn key identifiers to help you respond to the changing environment and plan for risk mitigation.

Organisational Transformation:
People, Place and Culture

Organisations, particularly legacy institutions, are often ill-prepared for self-renewal and the capacity to innovate, and this is affecting their bottom line, talent attraction, and business. Learn how to transform workplaces into human-centric spaces designed to inspire culture, attract talent, and influence people to be more engaged with life at work.

How is a Multi-faceted Workforce Disrupting the Workplace?
Multi-faceted and multi-generational workforces come with expectations that are disrupting companies traditionally anchored in portfolios that are inflexible, dated, expensive, and unappealing. Prepare to decode the challenges emerging from the demands of the new workforce and dig in to the human experience.

Microsoft Headquarters Singapore:
Employee Experience through Experience-Led Consultant Selection

Microsoft brings technology and products together in experiences and solutions, and they are rethinking how they can unlock value for employees and customers. This session will cover the refreshing approach taken in selecting the interior design consultant for the new HQ in Singapore.

Augmented Reality, Augmented Real Estate

Our world is obsessed with the ability of technology to augment how we work, how we think, how we see and experience the world. How will our experience of work in the future be informed by and measured by emerging technologies? Explore the concept of augmented real estate, and its ability to impact the personal experiences of the future workforce.

Balancing People & Technology in an Emotionally Intelligent Workplace
Organisations seem to be in perpetual motion, influenced by global shifts in technology, the rise of automation, changing expectations of the role and purpose of business, and evolving lifestyle aspirations. How is your enterprise coming to terms with the trends that are shaping both the nature of the enterprise and the future of work?

Can Flexible Working Improve the Employee Experience?
An increasing number of workplaces are moving to a flexible working structure in the hope of providing employees with an effective workplace. But how does a move to flexible working impact a sense of community at work? Can flexible working cater to all employees regardless of role complexity, and is it truly able to support a high-quality employee experience?

The Future of High Performance Work Space
A world first research study on high performance work spaces was conducted using wearable technology and novel analytical software. Discover the impacts of these findings on workplace design and predictions for CRE spaces of the future.