CoreNet Global Summit, Hong Kong 2019
Hong Kong | 12 - 14 March 2019
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Professional Development Seminars

Join CoreNet Global for a two-day professional development seminar in conjunction with your APAC Global Summit Experience! Change is a constant in corporate real estate. Choose the program appropriate to your need.

Note: Seminars conclude before the start of the CoreNet Global Summit. Additional registration fees apply. *

Sunday, 10 March to Tuesday, 12 March

Capstone: Leadership and Strategy

A highly interactive culminating experience for the MCR program that draws on knowledge from previous seminars. Analyze complex business scenarios to formulate, propose, and defend real estate solutions that align with corporate priorities. Understand real estate from a holistic, integrated, and strategic perspective. Collaboratively develop and adapt solutions to create value by analyzing case studies, propose, and defend recommended solutions. (MCR Required, pre-requisites).   Learn more...

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Monday, 11 March to Tuesday, 12 March

Enterprise Alignment

Develop a change management strategy, lead and implement change initiatives, execute a communications strategy and identify critical success factors. Be able to define the need for change, understand resistance, and how to lead a team to implement change, measure success, and avoid pitfalls. (MCR Required).   Learn more...

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"Enterprise Alignment was an eye-opener for me. I learned so much and was given a great number of tools and resources and concepts to help me implement more change with respect to enterprise alignment at my workplace." ~ Samuel Saunders June 26, 2018

Monday, 11 March to Tuesday, 12 March

Organizational Change: Positioning CRE for Success

Delve into business cases to examine key issues, variables and success factors of a CRE organization, and design organizational modules and processes to enhance effectiveness. Design a CRE organization that supports strategic objectives, develops relationship, and optimizes solutions for business unit clients. Offshore client relationship management and service delivery are included in business case examples. (SLCR).   Learn more...

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*  CoreNet Global Summit registration does not include registration for Professional Development Seminars. Conversely, Seminar registration fees do not include Summit registration and are not subject to Early Bird rates.