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Experience Per SF - Cracking the Code on Measuring Employee Workplace Engagement

October 15, 2018 | 3:45 - 4:45

Experience Per SF - Cracking the Code on Measuring Employee Workplace Engagement

While we implement many new workplace strategies, technologies, amenities and services, do we truly understand how this impacts the employee experience the consume our products and services?  Now we can.   Experience per Square Foot (XSF) is an industry differentiator borne out of the need to address the stagnant issue of low employee engagement. XSF recommendations are balanced between people, place and technology and engage real estate groups, HR and IT for the C-Suite in solving business problems by improving employee engagement, productivity and the bottom line. This session will focus on LinkedIn’s efforts to partner with Cushman & Wakefield to prove that you can effectively measure and score the workplace experience and prove a connection to employee engagement. Expanding the traditional HR levers to include the workplace experience is revolutionary and providing the piece that has been missing all along. Experience per square foot is innovative and broad in it's approach providing measurable and scored insights about an employee experience, what's important to employees and how effective the company is at delivering. It's related to all workplace aspects - Physical Space, Technology, Amenities, Services, Location and Culture & Policies. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the new Experience per SF score and how experiences are measured and connected to real estate KPI’s to provide the first integrated workplace experience measurement tool. 
  • Discover how the workplace experience helped LinkedIn connect with HR engagement efforts and create a much more robust engagement process to helping companies solve the Employee Engagement conundrum.
  • Understand human behavior and the connection to workplace's influence on diagnosing the overall experience and what is driving our results.