CoreNet Global Summit, Amsterdam 2019
Amsterdam | 10 - 12 September 2019
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Learning Experiences & Sessions

Learning comes in many forms. Discover some of the new formats to fit your style and interests. Choose from more than 50 unique Learning Experiences taught by the best minds in corporate real estate.

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Learning Experiences
  • Future 20 - Join a 20-minute solo presentation highlighting new and emerging ideas.
  • Leadership Track- Strengthen your leadership capabilities and become an even more effective people and change leader.
  • Engage Studio - Jump in, get involved, and have fun in these hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Technology Track - Informative technology insights and trends that will keep you ahead of the curve!

11 September 2019   |  09:00 - 10:30

Opening General Session - Leverage Diversity in Experience for Greater Innovation

Experience is today’s business benchmark. Organisations serve a number of important stakeholders. Each of these stakeholders has different and competing needs and expects an experience that is targeted and personalised to his or her demands.? Organisations, and individuals within organisations, face decisions daily which affect these competing interests and potentially favour one stakeholder group over another. Unfortunately, rather than being carefully considered, these decisions are often unconscious or based on ‘the way we have always operated’ rather than harnessing experience for innovation and creativity. Join us as Fons Trompenaars, who was inducted in the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame in 2017, showcases real approaches to strategic challenges that impact leadership and focuses on diversity in experience as a clear path to creative solutions!

11 September 2019   |  11:00 - 12:00

Smart Building and Service Solution at Swiss Re

The journey from the digital strategy to practical implementation is complex and involves various disciplines and stakeholders. During this best practice session, Swiss Re will present how the Smart Building and Service Solution initiative is embedded in its Global Digital Enterprise strategy. Based on concrete Smart Building and Service Solution use cases, you will not only learn about and discuss various challenges faced during the global rollout of digital solutions, but also learn how these can be solved or avoided. For Swiss Re, "Smart Building" and "Service Solution" are not considered buzzwords. Rather, they convey a journey, which - if properly managed - can generate high added value in terms of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

11 September 2019   |  11:00 - 12:00

A No-Fail Mission – Inside the Story of NATO’s new Headquarters

A project 20 years in the making, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) new headquarters in Brussels is not only one of the most unique buildings in the world, it was also a once-in-a-generation endeavor. Complexity, size, politics, security, technology and, most importantly, people were the core components of a successfully delivered one-off programme. The story of the new NATO HQ, the team, the innovative approaches, the challenges, and the lessons learned are universally applicable. This session will address the magnitude, human aspects and knowledge gained from building, equipping and launching one of the most state-of-the-art buildings in Europe for the world’s most successful alliance.

11 September 2019   |  11:00 - 12:00

A New Balancing Act: The Art of Corporate Real Estate in the Next Decade

Corporate real estate now plays a pivotal role in advancing corporate goals; underpins competitive advantage and, crucially, is at the heart of enabling productive workforces. In this sense, the real estate decisions taken by occupiers have never had greater strategic significance than they do today. An uncertain operating environment when coupled with wide-ranging and game-changing technological disruption, is compelling business to do things differently. In order to further advance their contribution corporate real estate departments will need to find effective responses to emerging issues which will determine not only the shape of the corporate real estate portfolio, but also the ability for that real estate to add value to the underlying business. This panel discussion will explore five future themes centered on -- the productivity push v2.0, new technologies, the rise of space as a service, the role of mergers and acquisitions, and the changing corporate constitution. These themes will shape corporate real estate strategy over the next decade.

11 September 2019   |  11:00 - 12:00

Our Next Now: Work Experiences for Continuous Learning

Self-curated. Convenient. Continuous. These ideas underscore how today's learning paradigms are being redefined in education and in the workplace. Keeping up with the pace of change will require the adoption of a model of continuous, enterprise wide learning. How do we successfully transform the work experiences for the continuous learner? How can the buildings we design and manage help attract, support, and retain a diverse, curious, productive workforce? Join a timely discussion on how to translate findings into workplace design principles and real estate strategies. Work together to identify differences in how current practices may evolve.

11 September 2019   |  11:00 - 12:00

Employee Experience: The New KPI

Real estate leaders now have within their reach the means to transform both their profession and the organisations they represent. But this unprecedented opportunity demands a bold change to the way the industry measures success. The answer lies in a powerful new KPI: the employee experience. By switching focus and adjusting the measure, real estate leaders could reclaim lost value and reinvigorate workplaces as catalysts for competitive advantage. The message is clear, those responsible for creating exceptional employee experiences must deliver a series of mission critical super drivers in the workplace. Discover the nature of those super drivers and how to deliver employee experiences that lead to greater business performance.

11 September 2019   |  11:00 - 12:00

Building Wonder into the Workplace: A Case Study from Microsoft Dublin

Designed to be "Microsoft's front door in Ireland," the Dublin site was built to inspire. Microsoft believes one way to enable people to do great things is to inspire them. From the soaring atrium with its digital "lake" and staircase "mountain," to the sweeping rooftop views of Irish countryside and nearby racetrack, Microsoft Dublin delivers on the "Wow" factor for employees and visitors alike. But does a property require expensive enhancements and a scenic location to inspire its workforce? This case study will make the point that any project in any location can be designed to dial up the capacity for inspiration. This is an opportunity to learn their goals and lessons learned from the Dublin building, all of which can be scaled to apply to any project.

11 September 2019   |  12:00 - 14:30

Experience or Roadblock? - The Role of Perception in An Ever-Changing World

Is your argument valid and based on experience or are you trapped in your own perception? This session explores how our brains work and how we see the world. In a humorous way you’ll understand how often we are biased and stuck in our own world. Enjoy real-life examples of wrong perceptions and discover how to break out of everyday patterns. Enjoy a high level of entertainment whilst exploring your cognitive patterns.

11 September 2019   |  13:30 - 14:30

Contrasts & Insights: Discover the Russian Real Estate Market!

The Russian real estate market is experiencing tough time. The volume of input of new office space is reducing and the volume of foreign investment is decreasing. Offices in Russia were quite conservative historically as the open economy started in 1991. New office concepts including Activity Based Office began to be implemented in the early 2000s. Shifting into open space is still a big change for a lot of managers. The same time price of the fit-out in Moscow has been decreased in EUR/USD equivalent but has increased in RUB due to almost double difference in exchange rate compare to summer 2014. Learn about the hottest case studies of office fit-outs and local risks in fit-out projects.

11 September 2019   |  13:30 - 14:30

Discover Your Play

Are you ready for some meaningful fun? In this session, Annemarie Steen, will share her vision on the importance of PLAY in dealing with today’s fast changing world. You will be introduced the different PLAY categories and will engage in a variety of different playful experiential activities. The question “How could Play benefit your daily work?” will be discussed and ideas will be shared. Discover your personal play preference and enhance your creative thinking!

11 September 2019   |  13:30 - 14:30

Workplace Management 2.0: Fueled by Human Experience and Technology

Employees of all ages want to be engaged in meaningful work, they also want to coordinate when and where they perform the actual tasks. How do you bring employee expectations and business goals together as a CRE professional? SAP’s team will share findings from an internal survey of senior executives on how CRE contributes to employee efficiency and brand value. These results are then transformed, along with relevant data collected by sensors, IT infrastructure or HR systems, into measurable and innovative utilisation concepts. Experience a software demo of how CRE requirements are implemented as concrete features that place individuals and teams over buildings.

11 September 2019   |  13:30 - 14:30

Metrics that Matter: Revolutionising Performance Measurement

As organisations start to take advantage of big data, the focus of the CRE function is shifting from being transactional and deal-driven to performance driven. CRE teams are facing immense pressure to deliver value back to the business. Our ability to convert big data into business intelligence is critical, not only because it is a key differentiator in the marketplace but also the main pillar to support enterprise performance and growth. Dig into the research of next-generation metrics that drive deeper understanding of the value CRE can bring to enterprise by improving performance. These have been distilled down to 50 'Metrics that Matter'. Gain insights into the three priorities that have been identified to drive performance in real estate: Business Excellence, Human Experience and Future Proofing.

11 September 2019   |  13:30 - 14:30

Taking the Corporate Out of Corporate Real Estate

Zurich is on a journey towards modernising into a collaborative, innovative company, responsive to the changing needs of customers. This case study will look at Project Norwood, Zurich's future flagship home in the UK. Personalising everything from scratch is a key premise the building, technology, community spaces putting everything in the hands of the ultimate user. In doing this, Zurich's real estate team plan to drive change across the very structure of the organisation from silos to networks, from static to flexible, from corporate to personal. This session will explore Zurich's journey, including changing the perception of corporate real estate in the boardroom and challenging the relationship between real estate and corporate strategy.

11 September 2019   |  13:30 - 14:30

IoE: The Internet of Experiences – Based on Data Driven Insight

As a solution to improving stagnant employee engagement and bolster productivity, real estate groups are now tasked to improving employee experiences. However, armed only with traditional employee satisfaction surveys or asset focused data sets we can quickly fall short of creating a credible and measurable action plan. Executives demand that these experiences be measured, diagnosed and acted upon with the same data and analytical rigor a retailer orchestrates calculated customer experiences or how HR meticulously studies employee engagement. During this session you will see how the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) creates the Internet of Experiences (IoE). See how Citigroup used experience tools comprised of surveys, sensors, and predictive analytics to improve workplace experience.

11 September 2019   |  15:00 - 16:00

Cards for Humanity, Top Trumps & Lego: Creative Gaming Strategies

Immersive, highly interactive and fun!! A 'gaming' experience and masterclass demonstrating techniques as to how, even among the most diverse of stakeholder groups or teams, great ideas grow and rapid consensus or alignment can be made, even perhaps on the most mundane of projects or tasks. Whether delivering the most advanced workplaces or simply looking for new options to solve everyday challenges, the conditions we create for ourselves and others in those moments is the difference between getting stuff done and getting awesome stuff done! Reaching alignment across diverse stakeholders can be time consuming, complex and a significant barrier to success especially if considering, but not limited to, workplace design and operations. Gaming, having fun, being different often provides the spark!

11 September 2019   |  15:00 - 16:00

What Millennials Want from the Workplace, by Millennials

We have conducted some original research amongst our Young Leader cohort about exactly what they want from the workplace. We have challenged the usual stereotypes about millennials’ working preferences, and have instead researched what really attracts and retains the generation that is set to represent 75% of the workforce by 2025. Our research will be presented and debated by a panel of millennials who are real estate leaders in the making. Research on millennials, done by millennials, presented by millennials.

11 September 2019   |  15:00 - 16:00

Brain Power: Using Neuroscience to Design Work Experiences

Technology Track
In a creative and knowledge economy, the biggest part of employee’s experience is invisible -- it’s going on inside their heads. The increasing pace of work, volume of information, and complexity of business demands more from employee’s brains. Workers appreciate a work environment that allows them to focus, create, and get work done. But how much of workplaces today have been designed with the brain in mind? What does it mean to support employees in their critical and creative thinking? In this interactive session, you will be led through three mini-experiences that illustrate recent scientific experiments about the optimal environmental conditions for different cognitive functions. Space design can help or hinder the ability to focus, be creative, and maintain energy. Learn the science behind these experiences and practical design interventions that can support the performance of your most important resource – your people.

11 September 2019   |  15:00 - 16:00

Dive into the Diversity Pool

Diversity matters. Dive into the diversity pool debate on how it benefits Corporate Real Estate long-term. Explore what your company can do to future proof, to attract and retain diverse talent. The discussion will include how to diversify your team, the benefits of being diverse, how to attract talent, and which elements of a company culture ensure you retain diversity. This lively, robust and energising session will leave you with new perspectives, insights to apply to your teams.

11 September 2019   |  15:00 - 16:00

How Geopolitical Developments, Labour Market Challenges and Natural Disaster Risks Change Locational Strategies

The growth of companies – and the geography and locations where new operations are established – depends more and more on the success or failure to cope with three important external business disruption risks: trade disputes between counties and trade blocs; overheated labour markets; natural disaster risks. This thought-provoking session will provide you with insights to help future-proof your business.

11 September 2019   |  16:15 - 16:35

The Value of Building Certifications Beyond Certifying Buildings

Future 20
The question that Corporate Real Estate should address is not 'to Certify, or not to Certify?', but rather, 'how can we leverage the best practices outlined in sustainability & wellness frameworks to create buildings which minimize resource consumption while enhancing human health and wellbeing?' The beauty with frameworks such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL & Fitwel is that they are designed to benefit all projects, not just those with a plaque on the wall. It's up to us to put the concepts to practice - creating a better future for our people and our planet.

11 September 2019   |  16:15 - 17:00

Testing our Assumptions: A Customer Centric Approach

A Fortune 500 company is transforming their entire way of working to develop their customer journey for the future. They are piloting this transformation at a new leading-edge campus in Switzerland. It's not just space, but organisation and service design too. The new human-centric environment will unleash the potential of employees through unlocking space and transforming the way they work. Based on a start-up methodology, assumptions were tested through real data to improve user experience. Within this interactive session, the audience will engage on ‘assumptions’ and reveal how to test them.

11 September 2019   |  16:15 - 17:00

Why Real Estate is Key to Shaping Your Culture - Lessons from the WeWork Experience

Hear an overview on WeWork's business and learn about how real estate has become an essential ingredient to driving culture and how the WeWork "cultureOS" can help real estate leaders shape their role as culture operators.

11 September 2019   |  16:15 - 17:00

The Emphatic Office Building: How healthy offices take care of you in the Future

Happy employees are more productive, creative, resilient and suffer less from burnout. As we move toward greater wellbeing, is it enough to avoid stress in the work place or should we increase happiness by stimulating behavior? A solution lays in creating empathetic office buildings that consider the state of being of its user and provide an environment that best matches their needs, stimulating human interaction, nudging and sensing as well as active building interaction. This session will focus on research at Delft University of Technology on stress and happiness and its relation with modern workplaces.

11 September 2019   |  16:40 - 17:00

What's Next for Co-working?

Future 20
Inspired by the energy and success of commercial co-working spaces, corporations are creating their own internal or "corporate" co-working spaces to drive innovation and to disrupt themselves before getting disrupted from the outside. Are corporations ready for open innovation? Can they directly apply the commercial co-working model with all its fundamental values, such as openly sharing information or placing learning over expertise? This presentation reveals the findings of a global research that investigated the success stories of and lessons learned from 15 companies globally that have built their own co-working spaces. Examine the drivers behind creating these spaces, their expected and unexpected benefits, and how results and performance are measured.

12 September 2019   |  09:00 - 10:00

How Far Behind the Business Curve is the CRE Industry?

Seismic shifts in customer demand have caused radical re-thinking across numerous industries over the past two decades. Commercial Real Estate is undergoing an evolution of its own as increased demand for flex space and innovation around the office models for procurement and operation are leading to profound change; with much of this centred around the provision of workspace as a service. This growth in more flexible ways of working, enabled by technology and the changing attitudes of business, has seen the way that organisations find and occupy offices radically evolve. Join this thought-provoking session to gain insights on where on the path to meaningful change is and, therefore, how much further is there to go on this journey? How is the proliferation of choice, of client demand forcing operators and landlords to aggressively evolve their models to differentiate and specialize?

12 September 2019   |  09:00 - 10:00

Neurodiversity and Workplace Inclusivity

We are living in a time of increased diagnosis and awareness of neurodiversity, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There is a compelling human and business objective to ensure that as we approach the design of workplaces and spaces that we proactively consider how to generate and sustain a culture of inclusivity. Including accommodations and adaptations to the workplace which support the neuro-diverse to thrive. Join this timely session to share ideas that will to improve the workplace for the neuro-diverse.

12 September 2019   |  09:00 - 10:00

Innovation in the Fast Lane

The most successful executives are inspiring leaders, smart strategists—and creative thinkers. During this session, discover common innovation mistakes, the principles that kill innovation and how to avoid them through better collaboration. Gain an overview of the innovation process and the traps along the way. Discuss and explore how unconventional thinking paired with experience can work together without blocking each other. Walk away with a toolkit that you can use in innovation processes.

12 September 2019   |  09:00 - 10:00

Improving Employee Experience through Smart Technologies

How can an office help enhance employee experience, improve engagement and enable company cultural change? What is the role of smart technologies? How do you implement them successfully? Following a rapid growth and a company culture transformation, HB Reavis completed its new headquarters office. The complexity of the 7000-square meter project combining offices, co-working, event space and bistro brought to light several challenges and difficult decisions regarding smart technologies. The key challenges faced as well as learnings from this journey will be shared. Real data from smart systems, as well as pre and post-occupancy research with employees will be introduced to demonstrate impact of the new design on employee experience.

12 September 2019   |  09:00 - 10:00

The Tangible Metrics of WELL Design

What will it take to create a world where you leave your workplace healthier than you came in? We're in buildings more than 90% of the time is it is critical that the environments we design prioritise human health and wellness at all scales and successfully integrate the many elements of design, both tangible and intangible. The pace of adoption is being accelerated by quantifiable metrics for success. Join this timely discussion of the integration of health and wellness metrics with design, the emergence of the WELL Building Standard and its potential to help shape a healthier, more people-centric working culture. This interactive discussion will engage you in activities the topics of air, light, acoustics including methods and metrics used to qualify workplace wellness.

12 September 2019   |  10:30 - 11:15

Engage Studio - After Activity Based Workplace Adoption What Are the Lessons Learned?After Activity Based Workplace Adoption What Are the Lessons Learned?

Sanofi, the big French pharmaceutic company, was one of the first in its industry, to adopt Activity Based Workplace (ABW) model for its tertiary sites. The journey started early in 2015 with the Campus Gentilly Val de Bièvre located in the suburb of Paris. Now, four years after, more than 50% of employees, based in its tertiary sites, are in Activity Based Workplace all over the world. The purpose of this session is to explain the reasons why of this new way of working adoption, the different steps followed, present the key lesson learned, and draft the next steps.

12 September 2019   |  10:30 - 11:15

Harness the Power of AI: Solve for Privacy and Seamless Connectivity

Technology Track
Real estate is just starting its experimentation of AI, with voice driven apps, analytics, mixed reality and preventive security being introduced to connect things in the built environment with people. As this evolution is happening two fundamental powers are triggered. First, privacy coming from the end-user expectations for transparency and control. Second, as use of AI-centric technologies increase, people want to seamlessly extend their value into their workspace, as work and life blends. This power spectrum generates an array of cyber risks and ethical challenges as physical assets clash with the digital sphere of the enterprise and its employees. This session will discuss the convergence of AI and the 'internet of things' to create a human-centred, seamless experience in the workspace.

12 September 2019   |  10:30 - 11:15

Tech, Sustainability, and User Experience: Nailing the Trifecta of Next-Gen Workplaces

Technology. Sustainability. User experience. While these three CRE mega-trends have each developed their own compelling narrative in the workplace of the future, they’re rarely viewed as a nexus. But how can sustainable design enhance occupant productivity? How can we leverage tech tools to enable sustainability outcomes? How can user experience data inform tech shortcomings? This session will pull on new, cutting edge industry research and in-depth case studies to demonstrate the opportunities to align these three priorities to achieve the next-gen workplace trifecta – and with it, significant, measurable business success from the likes of companies like ServiceNow.

12 September 2019   |  10:30 - 12:00

Co-Creation Lab: Innovation and Design Thinking

In Corporate Real Estate it is becoming more and more important that we put its key shareholders in the center, of what is designed, built, and implemented...not at the edges. Participate in the Business Card Game with facilitator Annemarie Steen. This is a playful learning experience in which you will participate in all phases of Design Thinking in less than 90 minutes; from Sensing to Visioning to Prototyping and Scaling. After the experience, the debrief will focus on answering the question “How could Design Thinking benefit your business?”

12 September 2019   |  11:30 - 11:50

Internet of Things:What Does It Mean for Real Estate Management?

Future 20
Internet of Things (IoT) is technology that is often seen as a method to enhance the building performance, but it can also enhance the performance of the users. Real estate management professionals are responsible for understanding the value of IoT for users and delivering that value together with other service providers. What is the state of IoT value delivery in the market? A market review conducted by Granlund Consulting, Delft University of Technology and Aalto University shows that 90 % of the IoT solutions in the built environment primarily focus on delivering a single service. More holistic value delivery requires development of ecosystems and disruption in the existing structures in order to deliver higher value and to create new businesses. For real estate management, this means a shift from service delivery to an area of user experiences.

12 September 2019   |  11:30 - 12:15

User-centric Workplace Experience: Measured Results on People and Performance

How do we ensure our transformed workspace experience is both user-centric and has a positive effect on our people, their performance and subsequently the businesses return on investment (ROI)? This detailed case study of AECOM will cover a cultural and spatial campus transformation across 4 locations in and around London, shifting from an FM to a hospitality-led approach. To measure the success of this transformation, AECOM went beyond testing spatial metrics and people's perceptions. They partnered with AON to create a bespoke method of assessing performance, pre-/post-occupancy, building on world-leading psychometric tests, personality trait assessment and wellbeing surveys. The measures and results of AECOMs Post Occupancy will be shared. Gain practical insights from this discussion about obstacles faced when doing post occupancy evaluations.

12 September 2019   |  11:30 - 12:15

Unlock the Key to Successful Culture Change

The session will be split in two parts. Part 1 will be the presentation of three short case studies which will illustrate the personal and personalised journeys to transform ways of working in different organisations. During the second part of the session it’s your turn to get involved. How do different cultures experience work and changes in the world of work? And how important is that personal approach to you? Join this timely session and "vote" on various approaches linked to organisational transformation, culture change, adoption of new ways of working.

12 September 2019   |  11:50 - 12:15

Get Smart - Put AI to work to Reduce Energy!

Future 20
Analysts cite energy as one of the key market drivers within the Smart Building global market, a market that is expected to grow in double digits over the next 5 years. So how are companies capitalizing on this huge growth and using the new technologies born out of this fast paced, innovative ecosystem? This presentation will showcase a selection of companies who are doing just that.... capitalizing and gaining first mover advantages. Learn how leading retailers, cold food distributors and energy management companies are enhancing their existing energy management programs with AI, helping them to predict energy use and asset problems. Understand how new advancements in AI deep learning capabilities enable these companies to predict their client’s energy usage over a 48 hour period and correct anomalous behavior, saving up to additional 10% in energy costs.

12 September 2019   |  14:15 - 15:15

Community: The Cure for the Modern Epidemic of Loneliness

We find ourselves in an era of renewed nationalism, building walls, and not knowing our neighbours. Corporate Real Estate professional have unique opportunities to shape communities and make a positive difference. Workplace strategy - whether that's real estate, office design, or on-site services- can and should play a major role in proactively developing communities in our work lives. This thoughtful session will provide you with 3 key questions you can ask when considering how to grow communities. Companies have an obligation to their employees and clients to prioritize positive human interaction. Not only companies, but we all, as members of a global community, have the same obligation.

12 September 2019   |  14:15 - 15:15

IT Transformation: How to Design a Work Experience for Agile Teams

In today’s world, enterprises wish to “become agile”or “work in an agile way”. This is easier said than done, since workplaces have historically been structured around functional departments, or individuals, instead of teams and collaborative work processes. So how to tackle a situation where spatial, informational and social transformation need to take place in order for enterprises to remain ahead of their game? Discover how Steelcase decided to use its space to support agile processes and foster a more agile culture among the 400 IT professionals in Grand Rapids. Walk through this new space, its habits and habitats and the measurements that have been formalized and performed since its opening in June 2018.

12 September 2019   |  14:15 - 15:15

Workshop: Activity-Based Working and the Workplace Experience

If you love frameworks, canvases, idea cards, post-its and group work to spark discussion and ideas to take back home, then this workshop is for you! It will focus on how real estate professionals can prepare for the changing needs of a digitally enabled and mobile workforce; who share and need access to resources, spaces, services and information - inside and outside the office, on the go. The 21st century knowledge worker, the modern "knowmad" is on the move. Working in many different locations across the day, new activity-based needs for work settings are emerging that are fit for purpose and differing cognitive needs. How is the physical, digital, social and personal employee experience different for agile workers, when it comes to anywhere, anytime, any device working? What metrics can be used for evaluating experience? Let's discover how to improve every-day employee experience!

12 September 2019   |  14:15 - 15:15

Identity, Privacy and Virtual Experience in the Workplace of Tomorrow, It’s very Personal!

In the sharing economy assets are used, not owned. Tenants, like consumers, want experiences not possessions. Technology applications are the marketplace to find and exchange experiences. The better we can read someone's mind the closer we can come to achieving convenient and seamless experiences tailored to personal preferences. A personalised experience means something different to everyone. This sounds scary, but already technology such as 'emotional surveillance systems' and 'biometric data scans" are being used to identify and profile employees in the workplace and create tailored experiences for each individual person. Is this going too far? Where is the line between convenience and privacy? How far can we go, in the corporate real estate sector, to enhance personal and individual experiences without risking the loss of our identity and security?

12 September 2019   |  15:30 - 16:45

Closing General Session - Conducting Business: A Lesson in Harmonious Leadership

Music brings harmony to listeners around the world. As such, it’s a powerful communication tool in building unity, trust, teamwork and cooperation. Make plans to attend the Closing General Session where the audience will learn and be entertained by an 8-piece ‘orkestra’ led by internationally recognised conductor and stand-up comic Rainer Hersch. His zany comedy and music lessons will inspire and engage you in what promises to be a lively learning experience to end the Global Summit.