CoreNet Global Summit, Amsterdam 2019
Amsterdam | 10 - 12 September 2019

Community: The Cure for the Modern Epidemic of Loneliness

12 September 2019 | 14:15 - 15:15

Community: The Cure for the Modern Epidemic of Loneliness

We find ourselves in an era of renewed nationalism, building walls, and not knowing our neighbours. Corporate Real Estate professionals have unique opportunities to shape communities and make a positive difference. Workplace strategy - whether that's real estate, office design, or on-site services- can and should play a major role in proactively developing communities in our work lives. This thoughtful session will provide you with 3 key questions you can ask when considering how to grow communities. Companies have an obligation to their employees and clients to prioritize positive human interaction. Not only companies, but we all, as members of a global community, have the same obligation. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a new understanding of what "community" is, and it's very real implications on individual and public health.
  • Understand how companies and workplace practitioners can have a direct impact on developing incubators for community development.
  • Gain tips for knowing how and when to reach out - either to help others or to seek help for themselves - in the case of serious social isolation (no community!).