CoreNet Global Summit, Amsterdam 2019
Amsterdam | 10 - 12 September 2019

Pre-Summit Professional Development Seminars

Join CoreNet Global for Pre-Summit Professional Development Seminars. CoreNet Global provides learning opportunities for each stage of your career development, whether you are a young leader, a mid-career professional or a seasoned pro. Choose the program appropriate to your need.

Note: Seminars conclude before the start of the CoreNet Global Summit. Additional registration fees apply. *

Sunday, September 8 to Tuesday, September 10

Capstone: Leadership and Strategy

Analyze complex business scenarios to formulate, propose and defend Corporate Real Estate (CRE) solutions that align with corporate priorities. Understand CRE from a holistic, integrated and strategic perspective. (Required for MCR. Pre-requisites apply).   Learn more...

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Monday, September 9 to Tuesday, September 10

Corporate Real Estate Finance

A comprehensive overview of financial analysis and management. Work through case studies to analyze alternative lease structures, lease buyouts, and buy vs. lease decisions. (Required for MCR.).    Learn more...

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Monday, September 9 to Tuesday, September 10

Organizational Change

Develop a change management strategy, lead and implement change initiatives, execute a communications strategy and identify critical success factors. Learn more...

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Tuesday, September 10

Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate
This one-day professional development seminar addresses four topics from the Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate, published by CoreNet Global. An expert in corporate real estate (CRE) will lead each of the four segments.

Corporate Real Estate (CRE): What Is It All About?

Corporate Real Estate: What’s It All About is an introductory course for those interested in corporate real estate; no prior courses or background is necessary. The focus is to help participants understand the difference between commercial and corporate real estate. The seminar will provide a 360-degree overview of real estate from the end-user or corporate user perspective. It also introduces terminology and metrics corporate real estate professionals use. After taking this seminar, attendees should understand the strategic use of real estate for corporations, the technology involved, and how corporate real estate plans and is integrated into the business of the corporation.

Property Life Cycle

The property life cycle generally runs from the acquisition of real property, through the length of its holding period and disposition at the end of its economic usefulness. This life cycle must be managed carefully to maximize portfolio value and minimize unnecessary costs. This seminar discusses the management of the property life cycle, external business and economic factors, costing, demand forecasting, acquisition of space and its final disposition. Discover how proper management aligns real resources with overall business strategy, allowing for the creation of better products and services, strengthening the organization’s bottom line.

Workplace Trends (Workplace Strategy, Mobility, and Productivity)

Positive changes in revenue and employee retention rates often directly follow changes to the physical workplace, having a direct impact on productivity. Today’s work environment is quickly evolving to address a whirlwind of variables including the need for collaborative workspace and to address sustainability issues. Changing workforce demographics, expectations and technologies bring new ways of working. This seminar introduces the dynamic practice of workplace. Join the discussion of new ways of working, the evolving office, workplace productivity and more. From environmental impacts and noise control to individual and collaborative space concerns, this seminar touches it all.

Facility Management

Effective facility management is vital to the success of any organization. At a corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to-day level, it provides a safe and efficient working environment. This seminar describes the relationship between corporate real estate and facility management, drivers which encourage the outsourcing of facility management, and factors which are driving change. Facility management serves as a reliable entity that maintains a pleasant and productive place to work promoting employee engagement and a positive company brand. Current trends, such as cost control, workplace strategies, sustainability, and energy management benchmarking are addressed.

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