Experiential Design: Work is No Longer a Place, it’s an Experience Wednesday, 2 November 2022 from 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM

W-180 (Level 1)
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Sustainability Learning Theater
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Learning Experience

Our world is rapidly evolving, and how we live, work, and experience space has changed. We need a new approach to solve this new challenge and creating experiential destinations can be the strategy that connects people, place, and purpose together in our new environment. In this session, the panel will share their insights and discuss topics that are important to corporate real estate leaders including business goals, employee engagement, and hybrid working strategies - and show how experiential design can be a solution to better serve all of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leave with an understanding of space solutions that use an experience-first mentality, and what kind of teams, technologies, and workstreams are needed to achieve that.

  • Learn how experience design can transform office space and drive tangible business outcomes and KPIs.

  • Comprehension: Pitfalls to avoid, things that must be considered and Learn how experiential design can be used to blend culture, purpose and hybrid working into a functioning and welcoming space and the role change management plays in the new work experience.


Portrait photo of Clarinda Bisceglia Clarinda Bisceglia
Director, Workplace Experience, Americas West Region, NetApp
Portrait photo of Jan Mark Holzer Jan Mark Holzer
Distinguished Engineer / Emerging Technologies, Red Hat, Inc.
Portrait photo of Ana Marshall Ana Marshall
Sr. Manager - Global Workplace Strategy and Standards, Red Hat Inc.
Portrait photo of David Waingarten David Waingarten
Creative Director - Strategy, Downstream


Change Management, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Hybrid Model

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