CoreNet Global Wellness Challenge | Amsterdam 2022

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It's never too late to jumpstart your fitness goals!

Manage your personal health at the CoreNet Global Summit. Show your peers how you are committed to walking the extra step, eating a little healthier, and going the extra mile to better manage your health.


Join us Wednesday, 14 September from 7:00 – 8:00 am to enjoy the following Wellness Experiences (sessions are 30 minutes each):

*Sessions are 30 minutes each and will rotate between the two for an hour-long total experience. Sessions focus on thoughtfulness and light movement. Please wear casual, comfortable clothing or you may come in your Summit attire.

Join the Step Challenge

Log your steps to win the 2022 CoreNet Global Wellness Challenge!

Anyone with a fitness tracker can participate. Use your Apple Watch, iPhone 8 or above*, FitBit, etc. to track your step count for each day.

*To access your step count in your iPhone 8 or above, simply use your “Health” app and follow the menu options to find your step count

A Fitbit Sense-Smartwatch will be awarded via a random drawing of all those who participate in the step challenge.

Simply enter your details below, including the number of steps you logged, and then take a screenshot/photo of your total steps on your Fitness Tracker for Wednesday & Thursday combined and post the total on the Timeline of the Summit Mobile App with the hashtag #cngWellness.

Your entry must be submitted by Thursday, 15 September at noon.

Thank you to our Wellness Challenge Sponsor:

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