Innovative Ecosystems that make Flex Work, Work! Tuesday, 9 November 2021 from 10:00 AM – 10:40 AM

You have the unique opportunity to accelerate the development of innovative employee-centric flex work models through insights from the NeuroLeadership Institute and FLEXWORK. Thought leaders will share diverse perspectives and approaches on transforming organizational culture to drive innovation, inclusion, and agility with talent strategies essential to mindset, processes and skills to lead effective distributed teams. This session highlights flex work models that inspire innovation through the creation of an ecosysytem of virtual and physical work environments that influence culture, foster inclusion, connect talent to common purpose and create competitve advantage. Successful flex workplace ecosystems require people-centric performance measures and explicit social strategies to respond to evolving business needs to make Flex Work, Work!

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain key insights and shared learnings from FLEXWORK, a coalition of tech industry thought leaders working together to accelerate the development of innovative employee-centered work practices.

  • Learn effective strategies from the NeuroLeadership Institute’s scientific research to influence organizational culture and develop more effective talent strategies to drive behavioral change.

  • Achieve new insights that inform how agile Flexible Space as a Service models can support equitable connection of talent across a flex work ecosystem to influence employee experience, performance, development and culture.


Portrait photo of Marshall Bergmann Marshall Bergmann
SVP Corporate Solutions, The NeuroLeadership Institute
Portrait photo of Liane Hornsey Liane Hornsey
CPO and Founder of FLEXWORK Coalition, Palo Alto Networks
Portrait photo of Lisa McGregor, MCR.w Lisa McGregor, MCR.w
Global Lead Workplace Space Strategies, Jacobs
Portrait photo of Ryan Simonetti Ryan Simonetti
CEO & Co-founder, Convene
Portrait photo of Kimberly Smith Kimberly Smith
Senior Director Workplace Strategy, Knoll, Inc


Flex Work, Innovation, Talent

Learning: Your Way

Learning comes in many forms:

  • Case Studies - Real life examples of projects with opportunities to understand what went well (and what didn't).
  • Debate - Constructive, moderated debate between opposing viewpoints.
  • Engage Studio - Jump in, get involved, and have fun in these hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Future 20 - 20-minute solo presentations highlighting new and emerging ideas.
  • Learning Theaters - Effective, timely, topical presentations by SME's on Innovation, Sustainability and Workplace.
  • Roundtable Discussions - Delve into the deeper issues and focus on developing solutions, approaches, strategies, or innovative thinking.
  • Technology Playground - Informative technology insights and trends to keep you ahead of the curve!

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