DBS and CRESA: Bits, Bytes and Doing What’s Right! Thursday, 12 March 2020 from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

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DBS Bank won World’s Best Bank 3 times in 2018/2019. How did we do it? We are neither the largest bank nor the most capitalised. We did it, because whilst not just focusing on the bytes of Digital Banking, we made sure that we took care of the Bits by obsessing over customer and employee journeys. Now we are driving our company’s mission into doing What’ right as we focus on building a better world for ourselves, our customers and hopefully for the world. Join us, as we showcase an in-depth panel of DBS speakers from CRE, IT, Sustainability, Employee Experience that are spearheading the bank’s direction to improve ourselves through Bits (Workplaces), Bytes (Digital Transformation) and Doing Right (Sustainability).

    Key Takeways:
  • Discover the reasons why DBS Bank won the World’s Best Bank, their values and culture.
  • Gain practical insights into how their integrated team is driving success and doing what’s right.


Portrait photo of Erwin Chong Erwin Chong
Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Administration, DBS Bank Ltd.


Employee Engagement, Team Effectiveness, Workplace Culture

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