First Time Attendees: How to Arrive and Thrive

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Dress Code: Business Casual. Wear comfortable shoes!

WIFI: Yes, we will have WIFI. Check the app or the program guide once onsite.

Food & Beverage: Yes, there will be food! Breakfast and lunch will be served in Innovation Pavilion on Monday and Tuesday. Snacks are available on Monday and Tuesday mid-morning and mid-afternoon - it’s highly unlikely that you’ll go hungry! Receptions generally include drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

On-Site Check-in: Follow the signs to Registration to pick up your Summit name badge. This is your admission ticket throughout the event. Keep it with you at all times! Insider tip: The busiest time at the registration desk is from 4-6pm on Sunday so come early and avoid the crowds.

Opening Reception: After you have checked in, stop by the Opening Reception to meet new friends and colleagues. Enjoy drinks and appetizers on us an begin experiencing the valuable networking that a CoreNet Global Summit has to offer!

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Learning Experiences: All conference registrants are welcome to attend any education session and to move between sessions. A name badge is required for admission to all sessions and to Innovation Pavilion. The schedule is continually being updated so check the app for updates.

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Your First Summit:
How to Arrive and Thrive

Your first CoreNet Global Summit doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right planning and a good pair of walking shoes, you can conquer it like a pro! We asked Four members for tips on navigating the upcoming Summit this Fall and here are their responses:
Colette Temmink Headshot Glen Wong Headshot Tracey Brower Headshot

Colette Temmink
Executive Managing Director of Integrated Facilities Management

Cushman & Wakefield

Glen Wong
Senior Vice President


Tracey Brower


Francisco Acoba
Managing Director

Deloitte Consulting

How many Summits have you attended? 12+ 10+ 10+ 30
How can first-timers successfully network at the Summit? Attend the breakout sessions, introduce yourself to other participants and consider setting up a meet and greet meetings before the event with professionals you would like to engage with. At all the sessions, sit with people that seem interesting, not just with those whom you may know. Stay after sessions that you like and meet the speaker and the others who have stayed: you will all have common interests. The key is to reach out, introduce yourself, and get involved in everything that you can. It's particularly helpful to go to sessions that are described as being more interactive. This way, you can meet people at both the mixers and networking events as well as breakout sessions. Some people say 'pace yourself' at a conference, but I'm not sure, I think it's best to pack in as much as possible during the few days that you're in attendance. More is more in terms of learning, networking, and connecting. For attendees that are participating in their first summit, I have two suggestions. First, make sure that you seek out and attend the reception hosted by your respective CoreNet Global local chapter. This will help you build a local network that travels with you to the global summits. Second, take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a pre-summit professional development seminar. Not only will you benefit from the learning opportunities, but you will also establish yourself with a cohort of professionals with similar interests, challenges, and opportunities. The networking benefit of the executive development program is unparalleled.
What one tip do you have to help first-timers plan their schedules for the event? Download the CoreNet Global Summit app prior to the event. Don’t be afraid to leave a session if it isn’t proving worthwhile to attend another which seems like it would be more valuable. Use the app, it's really helpful in planning for sessions. Also, plan for all the sessions you want to attend before you arrive (rather than trying to select hour-by-hour). I'd also suggest choosing two sessions per time slot. That way, just in case a session is full, you can attend your second choice for that time slot. I would also suggest taking advantage of the Learning Theater sessions that are held in the expo hall. In my experience, they are packed with content in brief packages so you can get plenty of ideas in a short amount of time. There are a lot of concurrent activities at the summit. In order to effectively allocate your time across the learning sessions, the expo floor, individual meetings, and general networking, you will need to plan your schedule carefully. When colleagues are attending their first summit, I always recommend that they take an hour to plan their schedules before arriving at the summit. Once you get to the summit venue, you will be pulled in lots of different directions, which makes it challenging to reset and organize your time.
Name three items every attendee should pack in his/her suitcase
  1. Contact cards
  2. Leave extra room for any informational materials you would like to take back.
  3. Casual attire if you plan to visit and nearby amusement parks before or after the summit.
  1. Business cards (yes, still)
  2. Comfortable business casual shoes, there is a lot of walking, all day.
  3. A small pocket note pad to jot down great ideas and things to research after you get home.
  1. Comfortable shoes and layered clothing (those conference venues can be cold!).
  2. Whatever you use to take notes. There is so much good information that
  3. you'll want to capture all of it.   
  4. Snacks--so you don't have to stand in long lines for a quick bag of trail mix or M&Ms! 

The three things that I always pack with me for a CoreNet Global summit are:

  1. My iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil to take notes and stay up-=to-date with email,
  2. My iPhone X to be in constant communications, and 
  3. A LOT of business cards!