What's New

Check-out the innovative new programs and features we have added to this year’s Global Summit!

Empathy Lab VR

Empathy Lab

The Empathy Lab provides three virtual reality simulations to give you an intimate look into racism, homelessness, and sustainability. They will immerse you into the heart of social issues and allow you to better empathize with the people or environments affected. These hands-on, immersive experiences will help you better understand some of the critical issues facing the world and awaken a sense of what each of us can do to develop solutions for those challenges.

These experiences have been designed by Stanford University and Columbia University.

CoreNet Global Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Learning comes in many forms. Discover some of the new formats to fit your style and interests. Choose from more than 120 unique Learning Experiences taught by the best minds in corporate real estate. Learning Experiences.

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

We have designed some experiences outside the convention center walls so attendees can bask in the beautiful California sun. From sessions in a tent to networking outdoors, you will want to take advantage of these opportunities to rejuvenate in the fresh air.

Learning Excursions

Learning Excursions

Bring learning to life and enhance your Summit experience through CoreNet Global Learning Excursions! Be engaged, energized and inspired by real-life examples that you can apply to your business and share with your team. Learning Excursions