Pre-Summit Professional Development Seminars

Join CoreNet Global for Pre-Summit Professional Development Seminars. CoreNet Global provides learning opportunities for each stage of your career development, whether you are a young leader, a mid-career professional or a seasoned pro. Choose the program appropriate to your need.

Note: Seminars conclude before the start of the CoreNet Global Summit. Additional registration fees apply. *

Sunday, 30 Oct - Tuesday, 1 November

Capstone: Leadership and Strategy
Analyze complex business scenarios to formulate, propose and defend Corporate Real Estate (CRE) solutions that align with corporate priorities. (Required for MCR. Pre-requisites apply).   

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Monday, 31 Oct - Tuesday, 1 November

Advanced Negotiations for Corporate Real Estate Professionals
Increase knowledge of the negotiation framework and elements and then apply this knowledge to build skills and comfort with the negotiation process.

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Advanced Lease Analysis
Examine objectives of lease clauses from viewpoints of landlord, tenant, and legal counsel and analyze situations in office, warehouse, industrial and retail leasing.   

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Corporate Real Estate Finance
A comprehensive overview of financial analysis and management. Work through case studies to analyze alternative lease structures, lease buyouts, and buy vs. lease decisions. (Required for MCR.) 

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Optimizing Service Delivery and Outsourcing
Explore successful partnerships that strategically outsource services to leverage a vendor’s specialized experience, operating efficiency, and economies of scale.   

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Workplace Strategy Essentials
This seminar provides an introduction to the dynamic practice of workplace strategy. In addition to foundational elements, examine the broader role of workplace strategy, global issues, tools, and technologies. (Required for MCR)  


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Workplace Strategy Methodologies
Building on the six core competencies and framework presented in the Workplace Strategy Essentials seminar, participants will learn to use methodologies to develop and implement a workplace strategy. ( Pre-requisites apply )  


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"Enjoyed every moment of every class. Highly organized classes, with excellent and accurate content. Well prepared, facilities selection and setup…Outstanding in the industry."
~ Ladislav Duroska, MCR.w, Lenovo United States


Tuesday, 1 November

Beyond CRE: Making a Difference
A full day of discussion on The future of Work, Productivity, The Socially Aligned Enterprise, Reflections on Leadership, The Future of CRE/Workplace Industry. ( Pre-requisites apply )


*  CoreNet Global Summit registration does not include registration for Professional Development Seminars. Conversely, Seminar registration fees do not include Summit registration and are not subject to Early Bird rates.