Zoom Out: The Power of Perspective


We have been conditioned throughout our lives to think that each question or problem has one definitive answer. However, complex challenges rarely come with a singular, simple solution and require broader thinking. While uncertainty can be seen as a threat or risk, embracing the discomfort that uncertainty brings is the new norm, and as leaders, we are expected to lean into it. This ability to navigate change, disruption, and uncertainty is paramount in a world that has become increasingly turbulent and volatile.

Today’s issues have many interdependent elements that change in unpredictable ways and lead to unforeseen outcomes. While it can be tempting to break a challenge into various components to “solve,” this assumes that one has greater control over the problem at hand. It can also narrow your view and obscure your perspective. “Zooming out” can help leaders shine a light on assumptions that may not be visible from the trenches; it has the ability to provide a broader perspective. An elevated vantage point can enable a view of larger patterns and inter-dependencies leading to adaptation, re-calibration, and new solutions. “Zooming out” can equip corporate real estate professionals with the perspective, knowledge, and skills needed to emerge as thoughtful leaders who may not have a single answer but know how to ask the right questions.


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