CoreNet Global Summit | Amsterdam Live | 13 – 15 September 2022

Putting it Together-Livestream Event

Since March of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit globally, comfort zones, our understanding of the world, how we live in it, how we work in it, and how we do business, have all been pulled apart. But now it’s time to put it back together.

As the world seeks to realign and define the new normal, corporate real estate (CRE), the businesses they serve, and their customers, are looking for answers to how we all fit together. How do people, place, and purpose help to fulfill this aim? How do CRE, HR, IT, continue to work together and better? How do we promote and encourage ESG and DEI efforts such that they become ingrained in business? As leaders who are at the forefront, seeking and implementing answers to these questions, you have the knowledge and the expertise to lead the charge and define the future.

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Wednesday, 14 September

TimeTitleTypeStreaming LocationLocation
9:00 AM – 10:30 AMOpening General Session - Putting it Together - Livestream Live Stream    
 It’s more than bricks and mortar that corporate real estate professionals are charged with putting together these days.

Speaker(s): Hannah Barham-Brown, PhD, David Engwicht, Anne-Marie Imafidon, PhD

11:00 AM – 12:00 PMNeurodiversity and Workplace Inclusion - Livestream Live Stream    
 This session’s experts will present a compelling business case for ensuring neurodiverse people can thrive in the workplace and what role the physical workplace plays in doing so.

Speaker(s): Susannah Burock, Kay Sargent, Leslie Thompson

1:30 PM – 2:30 PMBeyond Disruption: Intentional Reinvention for Hybrid Work - Livestream Live Stream    
 There has been a rapid advancement of new autonomous technology, the emergence of the sharing economy and the fall of siloed space. And there is a renewed desire to better enable people to live and work in optimum conditions.

Speaker(s): Chris Bunker, Alison Kilby, Tim Oldman, Gordon Wright

Topics: Future of Work, Hybrid Model, Workplace Design

3:00 PM – 4:00 PMLeadership in CRE: Engage, Evolve, Accelerate - Livestream Live Stream    
 Gain insight on navigating change as we emerge from COVID, and understand how CRE leaders are engaging, evolving strategies, and accelerating for future success now.

Speaker(s): JanJaap Boogaard, Corin Greenhow, Andrew Hallissey, Beverley Hampshire, Kilian Keller

Topics: Employee Engagement, Leadership & Management, Portfolio Management, Workplace

4:15 PM – 5:00 PMThe Resilient Workplace: Inclusivity at the Forefront - Livestream Live Stream    
 Understand how organizations already focused on hybrid working and employee wellbeing are responding to the 'great burnout,’ and how to measure the success of hybrid and wellbeing programs in improving DEI strategies.

Speaker(s): Jane Clay, Anne Sofie Fedders, Dafna Harel Sasson, James Lawrence

Topics: Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Wellness, Workplace

Thursday, 15 September

TimeTitleTypeStreaming LocationLocation
9:00 AM – 10:00 AMThe Metaverse: What Does it Mean for Corporate Real Estate? - Livestream Live Stream    
 Understand what the Metaverse is, what the impact on the corporate real estate profession will be, and how this new technology can aid in the digital transformation of the organization.

Speaker(s): James Morris-Manuel

Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Trends, Technology & the Built Environment

10:30 AM – 11:15 AMThe Borderless Workplace: Driving Flexibility and Cohesive Culture Across Geographies - Livestream Live Stream    
 The key to accommodating a complex workforce and building a unified culture is understanding how to drive flexibility. Empowering teams and employees to make responsible decisions around work settings can help.

Speaker(s): Rebecca Humphrey, Leyre Octavio de Toledo, Surabhi Raman

Topics: Employee Engagement, HR/IT (IRIS), Technology & Data Management, Workplace Culture

11:30 AM – 12:15 PMMeeting the Agile Challenge – Has the Flex Market Reached an Inflection Point? - Livestream Live Stream    
 As CRE executives face increasing complexity internally and externally, there is a heightened focus on where the flex market can move from being a reactionary real estate solution to a core component of portfolio strategy.

Speaker(s): Tim Hamilton, Ronen Journo, SLCR, Belinda Norman-Walker, Craig Robinson

Topics: Collaboration, Hybrid Model, Portfolio Management

2:15 PM – 3:15 PMInclusive Workplaces: CRE Plays a Key Role in Delivering on DEI Goals - Livestream Live Stream    
 Shell aims to become one of the most diverse and inclusive companies in the world and their real estate team is leading the charge by creating spaces that empower experiences.

Speaker(s): Ed Payongayong, Kimberly Sauvageau, Guzman de Yarza Blache, PhD

Topics: Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Future of Work, Workplace

3:30 PM – 4:45 PMClosing General Session - Look Back to Look to Ahead - Livestream Live Stream    
 It’s never been more important to look ahead, while also learning from the past. If the previous two years have taught us anything, it’s “be prepared,” because the world might change at the drop of a pin.

Speaker(s): Richard Van Hooijdonk

Topics: Emerging Trends, Future of Work