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Michelle Myer Headshot

Board of Directors Chair
Michelle Myer, MCR.w, SLCR
VP Americas Real Estate
Oracle Corporation
Chicago, IL, United States

Angela Cain Headshot

Chief Executive Officer
Angela Cain 
CoreNet Global

Meet the Members of the Board

  • 2020-2021 | Board of Directors - Officers
  • 2020-2021 | Directors


Michelle Myer Headshot

Michelle Myer, MCR.w, SLCR
VP Americas Real Estate
Oracle Corporation
Chicago, IL, United States

Gloria Mamwa HeadshotChair-Elect
Gloria Mamwa, MCR, SLCR
Regional Head of Property, Africa & Middle East (AME)
Standard Chartered Bank
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

David ChangTreasurer
David Chang
Global Head of Strategy, Corporate Real Estate
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Michael P. Davidson Headshot

Governance Committee Chair
Michael P. Davidson
Head of Global Corporate Real Estate
JPMorgan Chase
New York, NY

David Goch Headshot

Legal Counsel to CoreNet Global
David Goch
Webster, Chamberlain & Bean
Washington, DC, United States



Alex AndelAlex Andel
Senior Vice President
Executive Managing Director
San Francisco, CA


Jeri BallardJeri Ballard
Executive Vice President, Real Estate, Business Service Centres and Corporate Travel
Royal Dutch Shell
The Hague, Netherlands


Jane Muir SandsJane Muir-Sands
Vice President Global Real Estate and Operations
IBM Global Real Estate
Hampshire, UK


Mark NisbettMark Nisbett
President & CEO
People, Places and Spaces, LLC
Hartford, CT


Jessica Pernicone

Jessica Pernicone, MCR
Managing Director, Solutions Development
Narragansett, RI


Sathish RajendrenSathish Rajendren, MCR, SLCR
Executive Director & Head Facilities & Asset Management Services
Knight Frank (India) Pvt Ptd
Bengaluru, India


Maria Russo FamaMaria Russo-Fama, MCR
CLC Representative
Cushman & Wakefield

Director, Client Services, PDS, A/NZ
Sydney, Australia


Susan WagnerSusan Wagner, MCR
VP Global Facilities and Real Estate
KLA Corporation
Ann Arbor, MI, United States


CoreNet Global Bylaws

*As approved by the Board of Directors on 18 October 2015.

Strategic Plan 

In February 2012, the CoreNet Global Board of Directors approved a 10+ year envisioned future for the organization along with a three-to-five year strategy map. Now more than ever, there is a clear pathway for association progress and a roadmap for how we'll get there. The documents were developed following a series of strategic planning sessions where input was obtained and participation was garnered from a broad mix of members globally, including representatives from our various components.

This guide is designed to familiarize you with the overarching plan that will guide us over the next several years. It also highlights our primary operational objectives for the fiscal year 2013. We will tackle an aggressive agenda of change and positive momentum. We know that with your support and alignment many of our goals will be reached – and even surpassed – as we partner to anticipate our members' needs and exceed their expectations.

Financial Stewardship

CoreNet Global is committed to full financial transparency with its members. As such, we have provided access to the most recent independent audit of our financial condition as prepared for the organization's Board of Directors.

Audited Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Audited Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2018

Audited Financial Statement for Fiscal Year 2017

Questions? Contact Arlene McKinnon, Manager of Accounting, Phone: +1 (404) 589-3220