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Axios: Target Beckons Workers Back Quarterly

Axios reported that Target has mandated for 2024 that its local but remote Minneapolis headquarters-based employees must report back into the office to work on a quarterly basis. 

Target has no broad policy for in-person work, but company spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo said 35% of Twin Cities employees visit their office at least once a week, according to Axios. 

"Employees were told Monday that they're expected to come into the company's downtown and Brooklyn Park offices for one week per quarter beginning next year. The idea of the "core weeks" plan is to "drive connectedness, celebrate our team, and build our internal culture," according to Harper-Tibaldo...One of the weeks will be the company's annual fall national meeting in September, when the city fills up with red shirts, including store managers from across the country. The others will be in early March, late May, and mid-November.”

"Minneapolis boosters have been screaming for Target to bring back its 7,100 downtown employees, add life to the city, and support other businesses,”  Axios reported. 

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