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Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

Oct 25, 2023

This summer brought Artificial Intelligence (AI)  into mainstream conversations, with it’s attendant threats and promises for the future. But do you really understand it’s implications? Don’t go to Chat GPT for the answer. Instead come to the CoreNet Global Summit North America for an amazing session led by experts in corporate real estate and AI. 

The speakers are Rick Waritz, VP, Strategic Accounts, Downstream and David Waingarten, Creative Director, Strategy, Downstream

Check out this course description:

In order for us to harness AI’s incredible potential, we must understand that we are still the soul of our endeavors…and it's that soul that AI lacks. 

We can’t just think of this as machine intelligence vs human intelligence but more as an extended intelligence. Architects and designers must work in collaboration with AI to reflect both the capabilities of the technology but also the creativity, soul, and humanity that technology can't replicate. AI can be big and scary, and our brains react poorly to uncertainty, even tricking us into making bad decisions. 

For Companies and corporate real estate (CRE)  the sunken cost fallacy cognitive bias of AI means that because we have invested so much money into our spaces, we are too afraid to change. In this session we will talk about how AI can help us design and create better spaces, and how those changes will be critical to success in the future. No one wants to become a Blockbuster or Kodak because they didn’t embrace technology - and as organizations are feeling pressure, they will be forced to forge a new direction. To channel that energy the right way though, you need to have clear purpose – and while the methods that we use to create that new direction will be highly tech augmented, the purpose of why we’re doing it must remain deeply rooted in our humanity.

We asked Alexa; you need to be there. 

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