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New Amazon Office Tower is Prime

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer has moved into a new office tower in Bellevue, WA, and Propmodo has a rundown of the cutting edge features that set it apart. 

"The vision for the new tower was more than just office space. Vulcan looked to not only build the planned 1 million-square-foot office building atop a two-story podium but also a standalone two-story retail pavilion. The project also links at the ground level to Bellevue’s Grand Connection, a 1.5-mile-long initiative that winds through Downtown Bellevue in what the city describes as “'a series of cohesive, connected, and memorable spaces and pedestrian-focused experiences,'” according to Propmodo. 

The article said that "the big focus was on creating as much flexibility as possible when it comes to how the tenant chooses to use it. This was accomplished by using a core in the core and shell design to allow for a tenant to come on board and be able to customize their space from top to bottom. Constructed around a concrete core and steel structure, the north and south elevations of the office tower were designed to mimic a cascading water concept.”

Among the other features:

  • During an emergency situation, the elevators are equipped with safeguards to be able to continue to function in the event there is a fire.
  • Public art installations that are incorporated into its design.
  • The building’s most prominent green feature is that it is all-electric, minus some natural gas used by tenants in the retail component of the development.
  • Other features include plant displays around the building to connect workers with nature, eateries for employees like a classic diner, and a van converted into a snack cart. The space is also dog-friendly: one floor in the building has a workspace that includes dog beds and an outdoor area for dogs to relieve themselves.  
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