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Consensus Forming Around Hybrid Work

Readers and followers of CoreNet Global research since the beginning of the pandemic have long known that the nine to five, five-day work week is over and not to return. 

CNBC this week confirmed that finding, and also reported that having all employees work remotely is not a model that many companies are currently adopting. 

"Only 1% of over 500 business leaders surveyed by EY say that their companies are fully remote, according to its third annual Future of Work Index, released on Monday. The number is a stark contrast to 2022, when 34% of companies were virtual. Between 2019 and 2021, the number of employees who worked fully from home tripled. Many of them ended up embracing their new working conditions, citing benefits such as no commute, added flexibility, and increased opportunities,” CNBC reported. 

"Throughout the pandemic, most corporations indicated that they were preparing for a hybrid work model, and the EY data suggests that is where many have ended up today. The survey found that 80% of leaders are confident in their current hybrid work strategy. Over the past few years, employers have seen a considerable rise in productivity, with 80% of executives reporting their employees’ productivity was somewhat or much higher over the past 24 months, according to the article."

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