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Optimize Space Utilization with Hybrid Work

From our Content Contributor Partner, Cisco.

Operations and facilities leaders are looking for better, smarter ways to make use of their real estate space. The days of traditional office spaces are long gone, and organizations across industries are moving to more common spaces, and fewer individual spaces.

Hybrid work provides a unique opportunity to gain better visibility into space utilization, and apply those insights to support a safer more efficient, cost-effective environment.

Understand who is using workspaces, how they are being utilized, and how often.

Use your real estate more efficiently, so you’re not paying for space that’s rarely occupied.

Colliers plans the office of the future with user insights

“Many companies are already on a journey towards healthier, more sustainable workplaces. We can create offices that are more productive, more of a destination, and the type of places that people are prepared to travel to work and connect with colleagues.”3

JanJaap Boogaard Head of Workplace Advisory EMEA, Director Corporate Solutions, Colliers
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