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Meta’s In-The-Office Mandate Kicks In, Waiting to See How Many Likes It Gets

Sep 8, 2023

 According to CNBC Facebook corporate owner Meta has implemented a mandate for employees to be in the office for three days per week. 

“We believe that distributed work will continue to be important in the future, particularly as our technology improves,” a Meta spokesperson told CNBC on Tuesday in a statement. “In the near-term, our in-person focus is designed to support a strong, valuable experience for our people who have chosen to work from the office, and we’re being thoughtful and intentional about where we invest in remote work.”

The article points out that “many tech giants, such as Amazon and Google parent Alphabet have reversed course on previous remote work policies, calling on staffers to return to physical offices at least three days a week or potentially face consequences. At Amazon, some employees are being told to relocate to different states to keep their roles, and some have quit rather than adhering to those demands.”

In fact, CoreNet Global has been tracking corporate mandates vs workers actually coming in and adhering to them. 

CoreNet Global’s recent survey found that more than 50 percent of the respondents ( in the corporate real estate profession) said that there is a gap between the number of days employees are required to be in the office and the number of days they are actually there.

David Harrison