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Converting office….to data centers?

Sep 7, 2023

Converting obsolete office space most often refers to building it out into residential units. That was going on long before the pandemic. What about converting it into data centers? There seems to be no limit to the need for data, and that means there is no limit to data storage. Seems like a perfect fit, as the Chicago Tribune and Forbes are reporting.

“There is a growing need for digital infrastructure, driven by near-universal internet access, mobile phone subscriptions, smartphone-based applications and even adoption of artificial intelligence, according to recent research. While hyper scalers, over-the-top media companies and edge data centers meet the majority of today’s demand, more data space is needed across all regions,” according to the Forbes article. It continued: “Particularly in U.S. hubs, office buildings share much of the needed infrastructure to make data center conversion feasible, including uninterrupted power supply, cooling systems and high-speed connectivity. Location is also a critical factor to make a conversion viable.”

DataCenterKnowledge offers some advice on how to make a conversion, including understanding the site’s constraints and opportunities, making the most of structural planning and analysis, diving into the building design and setting the project up for sustainability and long-term success.

David Harrison