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LG’s New Headquarters Plays to the Future

Aug 31, 2023

The new North American headquarters of electronics and appliance maker LG Electronics speaks to the workplace of the future and enhances corporate culture with a nod to its own technologies.

The 350,000-square-foot headquarters in New Jersey was profiled on, which said that it “presents a futuristic vision of work campuses, complete with reclaimed and expanded green spaces, renewable energy, unique office floor plans, and internal and public-facing installations of the company’s various products.”

“According to Steven Yu, director of building operations for the LG North American headquarters, every facet of the campus is thoughtfully designed to create a low-impact, high-productivity work environment that leverages LG products to reduce emissions, ensure competitive operations, and provide direct value to the local community through publicly accessible educational installations.”

Digital displays are showcased throughout the building, including a 5,000-square-foot dividable conference room with each side housing a 173-inch direct view LED display, according to the article. 

Sustainability is also a focus.

“In addition to developing useful workspaces and showroom environments inside, a core goal of the new headquarters project was to transform the plot of land from a climate-damaging sea of asphalt into a lush green space that returns the land to a more natural state. With more than 1,500 newly planted trees, a 50% increase in green space, two acres of green rooftop terraces, improved woodlands, developed gardens, and a landscaped walking trail, the exterior provides workers with a stress-relieving nature retreat just outside their doors.”

Learn more about the headquarters here. 

David Harrison