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Impacts of Mandated Returns to the Office

Aug 3, 2023

As we reported in a recent post, companies may mandate a certain number of days that employees must be in the office, but employees may not show up. 

And it might be even worse than that, according to a  Fortune opinion piece written by Gleb Tsipursky.

“Unispace found that nearly half (42%) of companies with return-to-office mandates witnessed a higher level of employee attrition than they had anticipated. And almost a third (29%) of companies enforcing office returns are struggling with recruitment.”

“Meanwhile, a staggering 76% of employees stand ready to jump ship if their companies decide to pull the plug on flexible work schedules, according to (a) Greenhouse report. Moreover, employees from historically underrepresented groups are 22% more likely to consider other options if flexibility comes to an end.”

“Flexible work policies have emerged as the ultimate edge in talent acquisition and retention,” Tsipursky writes. 

David Harrison