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Dubai’s Real Estate Market is Expected to Continue to Grow

Jul 6, 2023

Many people from around the world, particularly in India, are buying real estate in Dubai, reports The Economic Times, and more companies are expected to take space there as well, owing to the friendly business environment.

“Aside from residential properties, Dubai is also home to significant commercial real estate projects, including office spaces, retail canters, and hospitality properties. The presence of free zones and various business-friendly policies has attracted international companies, thereby positively impacting the demand for rentals,” the article reported…”the country’s office sector has rapidly bounced back from the pandemic woes. According to the Demand Study conducted by JLL- for Grade A office spaces in Dubai, in the last two years, not only has the sector seen a resurgence in demand, but it also saw the first half of 2022, nearly matching pre-pandemic levels.

“Dubai is strategically located between Asia, Europe, and Africa, making it an ideal hub for international trade and commerce. This is a major push for Indian investors and business owners who are looking to expand their operations into new markets. 

Dubai’s stable political climate and business-friendly environment have helped in creating a secure environment for Indian investors to safeguard their investments. Further, the government has also supported foreign investments and several implemented measures to make the city more attractive to investors. ”

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David Harrison