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The Pushback on Remote Work is Real

Jun 30, 2023

Many corporate CEO’s and leadership teams are in a quandary regarding remote work. 

The latest is example is insurer Farmers Group, whose CEO Raul Vargas reversed corporate policy and demanded that employees be in the office at least three days per week, according to The Wall Street Journal

After (the company) employees last year that most of them would be remote workers, many made significant lifestyle changes in response to the policy. Some sold their cars, others expanded home offices or moved their families to new cities. 

But Vargas’ reversal has sparked outrage, the article reports:  More than 2,000 comments have been posted on Farmers employees’ internal social-media platform, most of which were negative or crying and angry emojis, according to postings viewed by The Wall Street Journal and interviews with employees.

Farmers is not alone. According to the article: New management teams are imposing stricter workplace policies on employees who counted on more-flexible work regimens being permanent. Chief executives Robert Iger at Walt Disney Co. and David Risher at Lyft also have faced pushback from some employees after recently announcing stricter office policies.  

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